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Out of the Abyss -- Session 16

By Buzz |  Jan 22, 2023  | outoftheabyss, gaming
Buzz Stonebrew It all started over a barrel of dwarven ale. My barrel, that is, which I planned to enter in the guild of brewers’ contest. But the night before the contest, I started drinking early – a bit of a pre-celebration of winning. And then I woke up before daw, head pounding, to discover that my prize-winning barrel of dwarven ale was one of the barrels we tapped the night before.
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Out of the Abyss -- Session 15

By Alamar |  Jan 8, 2023  | outoftheabyss, gaming
Hey, Peanuthead! What’s that? Hey, pesnuthead! C’mere! It’s like my daddy’s voice when he dreams of torturing the souls I eat for him. Except… No, this way! “Can the rest of you hear that?” Apparently they can. This is new. Also, my demonic daddy never called me peanuthead. We decided to investigate. I sent my second son – or was it third? anyways – ahead to scout and he promptly got lost.
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Out of the Abyss -- Session 14

By Alamar |  Dec 11, 2022  | outoftheabyss, gaming
Alamar I didn’t even get the chance to introduce my son around before we were attacked by four more huge spiders. The goblins promptly fled, leaving us to face them alone. Soggy was drugged out of his mind and did nothing useful. Creg was awake but spent more time wrapped up in webs than casting spells. Faolain was barely managing to keep us alive and Prim was the only star of the fight, killing all four of the spiders herself, though I made large contributions by hurting two of them very badly.
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Out of the Abyss -- Session 13

By Alamar |  Nov 27, 2022  | outoftheabyss, gaming
Alamar We fought the “puppies”, which turned out to be gnolls. They mentioned Yeegnohu before they died. I ate one of their souls, but still felt unsatisfied. Empty. I was craving… something. Pickles? Ice cream? After a short rest we resumed our journey, and eventually reached a large cavern filled with webs. Two goblins met us at the entrance, Spiderbait and Yum-Yum. Whoever named them had a truly morbid sense of humor, but they didn’t seem to care, merrily using some sort of special grease to surf the webbing around the cave.
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Out of the Abyss -- Session 12

By Alamar |  Oct 2, 2022  | outoftheabyss, gaming
Alamar The guards escorted us out of the city, actually putting us out in front of a group of drow. Drow who happened to be looking for us. Well, me. And Creg, I guess. Of course I had already put them out of mind, and they attacked us immediately after leaving the city. In sight of the guards at the gate, even. We killed them, of course. I killed four myself!
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Out of the Abyss -- Session 11

By Alamar |  Aug 22, 2022  | outoftheabyss, gaming
Alamar We didn’t really remember the questions we were supposed to ask the derro Drogi. Well, I mean, mostly I didn’t, because I’m not used to handling that stuff. The boss told me to go find Drogi, I found Drogi. Creg remembered a little. Mostly I remembered that the dragon, the dragon priests, and the guard captain all wanted Drogi, but for different reasons. The rest of the group really had no idea of any of this, but they wanted out of the city and out of the underdark, so they were following my lead.
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Out of the Abyss -- Session 10

By Alamar |  Jul 24, 2022  | outoftheabyss, gaming
Alamar I woke up 15 minutes later inside a bloody cave bear’s guts. No one found me so it all went according to plan. So all of my friends… well they weren’t really friends… are dead. I can say that now that they are dead, right? They were useful, and now they are not useful. Well, not completely useless yet; let me go check their bodies for useful stuff. Back in 5 minutes.
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Out of the Abyss -- Session 9

By Alamar |  Jun 12, 2022  | outoftheabyss, gaming
Alamar So the dragon gave us 31gp (each) for the dragon egg. Damned stingy dragon. We explored further in the underground complex after delivering the egg. I volunteered to take a mushroom and explore the small tunnels, since I can actually hide, unlike Alia. I found zombies, watched over by a humanoid figure of some kind from the top of a cliff. Alia and Thea went after the watching figure, leaving the zombies to Craig, K-9, and my small but still incredibly potent eldritch self.
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Out of the Abyss -- Session 8

By Alamar |  May 16, 2022  | outoftheabyss, gaming
Alamar We wondered around the caverns below the Derro section of the city until we found a large cavern with two multi-tiered mesas. One held a large red egg, which I immediately assumed to be a red dragon egg given my recent memorable encounter (thankfully, not a CLOSE encounter) with one. The other held a derro woman conducting some kind of ritual. She appeared to “summon” a shiny object of some kind, reacted joyfully, and made notes in a book.
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Out of the Abyss -- Session 7

By Alamar |  Apr 3, 2022  | outoftheabyss, gaming
Alamar We went poking around the section of the city where the derro are supposed to stay, and where our particular derro might have a home or someplace we could find him or at least we could wander around hoping to see him by chance, which is what we ended up doing after paying street urchins to look for our derro while they urched. Some of them had seen him, but not recently, or at least that’s what they told us.
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