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Realms of the Old School Renaissance -- Session 20

By Feverborne |  Aug 8, 2021  | osrrealms, gaming, feverborne
Feverborne I stumbled into the common room after a particularly long night of drinking. These damn yggians insist on alcohol only during meals. It doesn’t stop me for a moment; I just order as many cups as I think I will need to drink with my dinner and pour them into my wineskins for later. Amateurs study tactics, generals study strategy, and professionals study logistics. But anyways. I stumbled into a discussion about a venture into the Tomb of the Serpent King.
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Realms of the Old School Renaissance -- Session 19

By Bern |  Aug 6, 2021  | osrrealms, gaming, bern
Bern Huh. Grunty’s back. Last I saw him, he disappeared while I was looking into one o them crystals in the grotto for just a moment. (Still a silly name for a silly place). I searched for tracks and eventually headed back to town without seeing any sign of him, then went back with Stria. And then today he shows up wanting to try again. Well, ok. Did pretty well last time, with Stria, but dammed if I am going to pay to outfit another mercenary.
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Realms of the Old School Renaissance -- Session 18

By Bern |  Aug 1, 2021  | osrrealms, gaming, bern
Stria I spent the off season profitably poisoning farmers who had mistreated their wives. Bern said he had a lead to possible profit, so I tagged along with him after we decided there was no emergency requiring us to look into acquaintances missing behind a mysterious door in the library. We hired a naive fighter named Bran for the trip. He got off on the wrong foot with me by insisting on 3 gold a day as his fee, just because he didn’t like the look of us.
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Realms of the Old School Renaissance -- Session 17

By Oscar |  Jul 29, 2021  | osrrealms, gaming, oscar
Oscar Well. Well, well, well. My lady of liabilities and legalities continues to watch over me, despite my unfortunate blunder in the matter of the theft of her holy symbol. I was filling out the proper form for such a thing while making idle chatter with the odd sheep-man Ramius. He was offering everyone tea And crumpets, so very hospitable. Gurg the dwarf accepted, as did Davos the mercenary. I turned it down, not wanting to stain the holy form.
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Realms of the Old School Renaissance -- Session 16

By Bern |  Jul 22, 2021  | osrrealms, gaming, bern
#Bern Met a new feller today. Short and stocky, grunted a lot. Asked his name, he grunted. Asked how he got ’ere, he grunted. Ask where he wanted to go, he grunted. Asked if he wanted ya pay me ta guide him into the forest and find treasure and kill monsters. You guessed it, he grunted, so off we went. First stop was Jiles. Padawan of Ygg’s Stick he said. Knows about the outlaw band in the forest.
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Realms of the Old School Renaissance -- Session 15

By Bern |  Jul 3, 2021  | osrrealms, gaming, bern
#Bern So we decided to stop sniffing around doors and start opening them. The ornate snake door led to a staircase leading down. That’s a nope, at least for now. Maybe when we’re done here. The room without a door led to a small hallway filled with clay snake statues. They all had real metal swords with visible rust, meaning likely they animate if disturbed or somehow activated. We carefully slipped past without touching the statues and checked the far end; nothing noticeable.
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Realms of the Old School Renaissance -- Session 14

By Oscar |  Jun 30, 2021  | osrrealms, gaming, oscar
#Oscar After my brief foray into the world of the adventurer, the rest of the year seemed to just fly by. I had much to learn from the near death experience at the fangs of a two-headed snake, and indeed spent many days and nights in contemplation, filing form after form with the goddess Denara seeking a boon of her wisdom. Eventually I received her insight; I must work on a series of stretching exercises every day, to improve the flexibility and strength of my lame leg; it will likely always be a weakness, but even a little improvement could save my life.
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Realms of the Old School Renaissance -- Session 13

By Feverborne |  Jun 24, 2021  | osrrealms, gaming, feverborne
Feverborne After spending the night camped in a secret room, we took stock of our gains and losses and decided it was time to return to town and reprovision. Having scouted the ruins (and more importantly the path to and from) we could plan more effectively for our next expedition, and with more funds to boot. Buying a mule to carry provisions for example. Though I hear rumors of a mule thief in town lately.
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Realms of the Old School Renaissance -- Stria

By Stria |  Jun 20, 2021  | osrrealms, gaming
Born on a battlefield from a prior union between her camp follower mother and a soldier. Not the soldier her lovesick mother originally followed. He died early on. Just a random soldier, because her mother stayed on following the army, having nowhere else to go. Her childhood was spent observing what went on in the camp follower tents, and observing what goes on with an army in between battles. From her mother and her ilk, Stria learned what to do to and with a man.
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Realms of the Old School Renaissance -- Session 12

By Bern |  Jun 20, 2021  | osrrealms, gaming, bern
Bern I came to Eastdale looking for guide work, leading people through the wilderness. Don’t really like people much. Animals are much simpler, I know where I stand out in the wilds. Difference between a dog and a wolf and a cat you can see and smell and taste. Humans, well, some of us will lie to ya and cheat ya and kill ya and we all look the same.
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