Senior Software Engineer

I am a Senior Software Engineer with experience architecting and implementing solutions with a variety of technologies. I can challenge the status quo and meet aggressive schedules with creative solutions in a variety of fast-paced environments using a diverse range of technologies. From helping small startups survive and thrive to transforming larger organizations, I can deliver results. My experience covers companies both large and small, a globally distributed workforce, the full Java platform, the Linux and open-source ecosystem, the new and exciting Go language, a variety of database platforms, and modern cloud and microservices technologies.

Creating successful solutions requires seeing and solving problems proactively. I have the experience to see the problems, the skills to solve them, and the passion to demand results I can be proud of from myself while helping those around me to do the same. Always learning, always improving, and being responsible for the code I write.

My heart is in the work.

Recent Training

Work History

Senior Software Engineer at Cisco

Senior Software Engineer at Datical

Advisory Software Engineer at IBM

Software Engineer at Computer Tasks Group


Software Developer at nFusion



Carnegie Mellon University