Dean (Jared), Matt (Spinter Paw), Coby (Kyros) and Chris (Creeper) are returning cast members.

We left the party having defeated a room full of skeletons. They proceeded to the next room, which appeared to be some sort of accounting hall, with records of ores mined and money paid out. A careful search revealed a lockbox behind a counter, which Jared tried and failed to open. They resolved to return later, and on leaving the room, noticed that Ragash – who had remained behind in the larger cavern – was missing. Kyros spotted some tracks in the leftover stirge blood, and Creeper was able to determine that three barefoot humanoids had ambushed Ragash and dragged her to the north.

Following the tracks led to a room with three ghouls, feasting on Ragash’s paralyzed (but still living) body. The ghouls died quickly, and several healing spells restored Ragash’s health but failed to restore her consciousness. Finally, the party left her in the ghoul’s lair to recover, with Kraygen on guard.

The party continued northwest after that, exploring a staircase to the north. Creeper caught a glimpse of a monster moving to the west and remained closer to the group than usual, keeping on eye on it. The rest advanced north far enough to attract the attention of another pack of ghouls, who swarmed southwards through the narrow passage. With the help of a Grease spell and his steel defender, Jared managed to keep the ghouls contained. Splinter Paw and Creeper contributed their own ranged attacks. Kyros made a valiant effort, but the ghouls were too fast for his Sacred Flame. Jared’s steel defender was lost as well.

The creature to the west never did fully show itself. Although things were touch-and-go for a while, with both Splinter Paw and Jared falling to paralysis temporarily, the party eventually defeated the ghouls. However, they were ready for a rest after that, and moved the wounded Ragash back to the camp at the entrance to rest, with Kraygen to guard and Ford on his union break. The long rest went without incident, and Jared used the opportunity to make repairs on his defender.

After the long rest, the party returned to the counting room, and managed to open the lockbox (600cp, 180sp, 90ep, 60gp).

They had just about made their way back to the room with the ghouls when a scream echoed through the caves: “Help! It’s eating my face!”

To be continued…

Experience and Treasure

For reference: 200 cp = 20 sp = 2 ep = 1 gp = 1/5 pp

  • 600cp, 180sp, 90ep, 60gp
  • 500xp each for those present

Roleplaying moments and quotables

Dangling Threads of Fate

  • A necromancer is excavating Old Owl Well
  • The party has found a new entrance to Wave Echo Cave