Dean (Jared), Matt (Spinter Paw), Mariel (Ragash), Chris (Creeper), and James (Kraygen) are returning cast members.

We left the party on the run from Magpie Hood and his no-longer-quite-so Merry Band. They managed to escape without any further innocent loss of life, though Kyros took an entirely improbable number of arrows to the butt and Ragash offered to throw down her life to save the rest of the party even when it was entirely unnecessary.

The next step was Wave Echo Cave. Gundren Rockseeker had found, and marked on his map, a small tunnel that seems to give access to a larger cave structure. The larger structure features a regular booming sound all through the cave complex, which was likely (Jared surmised) the echo of a wave deeper within the cave. This noise was enough to identify the cave as the right one, and this was confirmed when Creeper’s scouting mission turned up a dead dwarf at a supply camp just a little ways into the cave. The body had been rotting for perhaps a week. Some of the food supplies were still good, though certainly no longer tasty due to the close proximity of the corpse. Searching paperwork found in the area gave names to faces: the dead dwarf was called Tharden, and Nundro was mentioned as another dwarf in the cave area.

Continuing further down a ravine and through a small cavern to the east, the party entered a more constructed area where 10’ wide tunnels met at right angles. The first larger room held murals, as well as skeletons from dwarvens and orcs who appeared to have died in battle against each other. 8 stirges attacked from ambush here (despite not seeing Creeper!) and snacked heavily on Splinter Paw. The party moved south here, leaving Ragash behind in the room of stirges to guard their retreat.

To the south, another room contained more skeletons. Only these were the undead sort. The battle was tense until Kyros turned undead, putting the fear of the God of Death into the undead and taking the pressure off. Kraygen moved forward to use Shatter, destroying most of them, and the rest of the group mopped up. The action appeared to be over, for the moment…

To be continued…

Experience and Treasure

For reference: 200 cp = 20 sp = 2 ep = 1 gp = 1/5 pp

  • 100xp each for those present
  • 1 week’s iron rations per person (left at camp)
  • Jared is wearing Tharden’s boots

Roleplaying moments and quotables

Dangling Threads of Fate

  • A necromancer is excavating Old Owl Well
  • The party has a map to Wave Echo Cave