We finally got to Grindlebuck or whereever we were going, a city filled with dwarves, which is only marginally better than a city filled with fish that got ate by a demon. The first thing we saw was someone get murdered, so of course Alia took their purse. He had only 17gp so he certainly wasn’t killed because he was rich.

Getting there was a bitch. We scared off the stirges, or maybe exterminated them entirely (I hope!), but we ran into some underwater spikes that damaged our boats. That forced us to stop and repair our boats with … some kind of cactus that functions sort of like wood? Well, beggars can’t be choosers, and we’re begging. So now our cactus-canoes are tied together with rope. How is that watertight? Answer: It’s not, really. We’re bailing water out constantly.

Also we ran out of food and they didn’t let me eat for TWO DAYS!

As if that wasn’t enough, we ran into some ixa—itza…chattle-whatzas. Mostly they ran into our boats, and sank one. We used the parts to make slightly better repairs to the other two and sailed on.

Then a floating brain with dangly tentacles dwarfnapped Eldath, which really sucked because she’s the only one who can find food reliably, and I’m hungry. Luckily we shot it before she died, and fishface made himself useful by rescuing her before she drowned.