Faran Magebane

We negotiated the agreement for oils to protect weaponry from acid in the coming gnomish dessert war. In the meantime, Soggy got stoned, Elania (?) ate some of Creeper’s green dragon jerky and felt sick, and Creeper himself got briefly arrested for trying to smoke Larry the mushroom. The rest of us asked for something we could do to pass the time while the three stooges sobered up, and were invited to go after a shambling mound that had been bothering prime mushroom-land. We agreed, and were provided three potions of greater healing, one each, as compensation. After a brief discussion of strategy and securing a small mushroom scout, we set off.

The mound snuck up on us despite our best efforts. I bounced it around with Thunderwave a few times, and a few more smacks with my torch-mace. Faolain kept us healthy and summoned some vaguely demonic looking things that chewed the mound up. Our new mage contributed mostly by being bait. After a short battle, we returned triumphantly to our still-disabled companions.