Faran Magebane

We cleaned up the last of the elements attacking us with the help of a Shatter spell. The familiar feeling of hallowed ground told me the mission was complete, and we headed back to the Foaming Mug for some well deserved rest. We woke to an elf removing Creg’s eyes, waving a wanted poster at us when we went to interfere. Not one from the drow, but from the surface. Honestly we were all too shocked to object, even when she said she wanted to go back to the surface with us because she was lost down here too.

I didn’t know the old wizard very well, but if she couild find him coming all the way from the surface, I figured she could find my brother. Since that’s why I’m down here, it would be nice to do that. It leaves a sour taste in my mouth all the same.

The next step was looking for some sort of Bane-Boon or Boom-Bane or Essence of Something. We wandered off into the caves for two weeks, and the only thing we found was a weird cavern of crystals and a couple narrow ledges. We crossed the ledges with rope – useful when some of the humans slipped – and met a derro fleeing from… something. We never found what he was so afraid of. We did find, and fight, some sort of tentacle monster.