Faran Magebane

We met with the wererats, and despite my best efforts to provoke a fight, ended up with an agreement in principle to mutually defend the city with the deep gnomes. However, the agreement hinged on our group tracking down the source of the ooze and slime invasion nearby. Information from the wererats indicated the pudding invasion had a leader; Speaker for Puddings, or Oozemaster, or God of Slime, or something. Our task was to conclude the invasion by finding and slaying this dessert wizard. That’s right up my alley.

They also warned us of a medusa in the area. That was less my thing, but I can imporove with the best of them. Creg went back town to buy a mirror. I bought a Scarf of Dwarf Blinding, planning to wrap it around my head – well, my helmet – when we fought the medusa.

We were on the way to eat the dessert wizard when two winged gargoyles pounced on the goblin, who was scouting ahead for us. He was in bad shape, but the rest of us were too far back to help. Soggy transformed himself into a bat and got there faster, but started taking hard hits as well when a hidden earth elemental joined in. Soggy fell just as I got into range, destroyed both gargoyles with a divinely empowered shatter spell. The earth elemental took longer, but with the attention off of Soggy the risk level dropped substantially. It was just a matter odf time before the elemental was worn down and defeated. It left a gem of some kind behind.

We took the time to examine the area in more detail, finding a strange statue of a gnome holding a crystal. Creg performed a Detect Magic ritual, revealing a magical aura of conjuration from the stone, and a faint aura of transmutation magic from the statue itself. Clearly, the statue was not art; rather it was a victim of the medusa we had been warned about.

In light of that, we retired to Faolain’s Leomund’s Tiny Hut to rest and plan our strategy for the medusa. In addition to my scarf, I had two spells – Fog Cloud and Sleet Storm – that would conceal an area from view, hopefully blocking the medusa from turning us to stone. Faolain prayed to her deity for Darkness, to the same purpose. Once the medusa was hidden from view, I could blast the whole area with Shatter and Thunderwave with no need to see inside.

With our strategy planned, we rested.