Faran Magebane

We made arrangements for the repair of my armor and went off to see the wizard – err, the chief gnomes. On the way we met a musician playing a vast crystalline bowl like a musical instrument; Creeper and I joined in. He had some kind of flute, and I had the god of storms and war, by which I mean thunder.

Creg chose that moment to speak up about an animated hand he had been carrying the whole time. Apparently he had picked it up from the remains of a zombie a ways back before I joined the group. After a few inquiries, we took it to the local burial grounds, as the spirit of the hand requested. The priest there promptly smashed it to a pulp, but did promise to give the pulp a proper burial. Creg seemed satisfied. The priest also mentioned a haunted house. We might try to clear it later. Who else are ya gonna call?

Somewhere in there we saw a battle between the guards and a few gelatinous cubes – not ours. We backed away to avoid confusion, but noticed a short sword that didn’t seemed damaged by the acid. Creg confirmed it was magical. Creeper tried to claim it, but the guard laughed in his face and left. Not rerally a surprise, goblins have a reputation and it isn’t for honesty or altruistic motives.

As we reached the seat a government, a ghost barred our passage and demanded to know our business. After we explained our need to return to the surface, he led us pass, grumbling about the lack of a retirement plan.

The chief gnomes, a married pair, told us that caravans to the surface were available occasionally but none were due soon. He did have some rather pressing local issues, however, and could arrange a guide to the surface if we helkped him take care of a local clan of wererat-gnomes, or an invasion of gelatinous cubes or perhaps both. We chose the wererats, to avoid straining the loyalties of our new cubical “friend”.

Back to the market, where I added a silver axe to my order, and taught Cubie to hold the magic mace like a torch so he could feel useful. Then we goofed off for two days. I suggested we try buisting the ghost but no one else really seemed to care.

Finally my gear was ready, so we set off to find the wererats. For some reason Creeper keeps wanting to negotiate. Where’s the fun in that? Negotiate from a position of strength after killing half of them and threatening to kill the other half.

Anyways I walked right into a trap, followed by an ambush, so I brought down the wrath of Tempus. upon the wererats shooting at us, then charged. They fled in terror, leaving us with no one to fight.

Now Creeper is muttering about trying to deal with the cubes instead, after I had a new axe4 made specifically for wereratgnomes. Rude.