Faran Magebane

Turns out there were at least three puddings and dessert was planning to eat us. And, oh yes, the water levels were visibly rising and someone had peaked inside the watery room and noticed large cracks in the walls from which water was pouring in to the whole complex.

Someone had the clever idea to use the cube to block the puddings and buy us some time. Well two of them. It was apparently up to the dwarf who had already been tasted by the cube and bitten by the first small pudding to feed the third. Between smacking it around with my new mace and more sparklefingers, I held it back for a while. By then the narcoleptic wizard had decided to shatter the ceiling of the water-filled cavern, bringing in even more water. Surprisingly, this actually helped. The water was coming from a source above us, an underground river, with air and a nearby shore.

The water genasi was able to shape the flow of the river enough to get us up through the new hole in the ceiling.

And the cube wants to come with us now… yay? Maybe it will make us harder to follow by smoothing our tracks at least.

We walked on for a while and found a set of city gates. The others say this is the way back to the surface, and if Buzz got lost down here surely he would be headed in this direction too. We were about to hail the guards and approach when four drow made an appearance from further down the corridor, yelling aomething about a priestess and wanting to capture our narcoleptic wizard, who is apparantly “the only one left.” Since I’m not exactly a fan of normal surface elves, drow were right out; a Shatter spell and the wrath of Tempus made short work of all four in one go. Well, the goblin had to put an arrow into one of them.

We went up to the gate and talked the guards into letting us into the city. Yes, including the cube, which promised to ask permission before eating anything.