Hey, Peanuthead!

What’s that?

Hey, pesnuthead! C’mere!

It’s like my daddy’s voice when he dreams of torturing the souls I eat for him. Except…

No, this way!

“Can the rest of you hear that?”

Apparently they can. This is new. Also, my demonic daddy never called me peanuthead.

We decided to investigate. I sent my second son – or was it third? anyways – ahead to scout and he promptly got lost. Eventually we found a strange set of giant doors, so I resummoned the imp while we figured out how to open them. After about half an hour, I decided to try pulling on the handle on one side, and it rotated in a wide circle. We were inside. And the strange voice kept yelling about peanuts and not answering my questions.

The next room had a great big relief sculpture of me leading an army against beasts. It didn’t really look much like me, so I guess the artist was just awful. Creg spent ten minutes trying to find out of it was magical and then ten more trying to read the inscription under the sculpture. Boring. I wandered into the room to the east and found four sarcophagi.

I was curious if dead people have souls, and if so, whether I could eat them, so I shoved open one of the sarcophagi and found out.

The answers are yes and no, respectively. I woke up back in Hell. Daddy’s gonna be pissed.