I didn’t even get the chance to introduce my son around before we were attacked by four more huge spiders. The goblins promptly fled, leaving us to face them alone. Soggy was drugged out of his mind and did nothing useful. Creg was awake but spent more time wrapped up in webs than casting spells. Faolain was barely managing to keep us alive and Prim was the only star of the fight, killing all four of the spiders herself, though I made large contributions by hurting two of them very badly. My son ran around trying to free people from webbing and did nothing useful. Then he got killed. I had to get pregnant in a hurry. It was embarassingly slutty.

When the last spider fell we camped for some time and then moved on, eventually encountering two strange drow and two quaggoths. They all had weapons, and appeared to be standing guard. After closer examination, and more waiting than was really necessarey, we noticed that the “weapons” were rakes and the creatures bore wounds and stank of decay. They also had mushrooms growing from their bodies. Our mushroom friend said they were gardeners and meant he was close to his home in the Neverlight Grove.

Good for him. We could send him home now and move on back to our home, right? Right. Except we needed supplies. And Prim needed “supplies”. Me, I took one big look at the gigantic mushroom tower where their leader lived, remembered the creepy plant zombie gardeners, remembered the weird mushroom cult from the very first underdark settlement we explored, and decided I wanted no part of mushroom mind control. Our favorite helpful mushroom was home safe, promise kept. That was all. But Prim insisted on going in and talking to them.

Faolain and I agreed that Prim could go deliver the mushrooms and collect supplies, but there was a harsd limit. After 20 minutes we would assume they had been mind-controlled by the mushrooms and continue on alone. It only took them thirty minutes to catch up to us as we walked away.