The guards escorted us out of the city, actually putting us out in front of a group of drow. Drow who happened to be looking for us. Well, me. And Creg, I guess. Of course I had already put them out of mind, and they attacked us immediately after leaving the city. In sight of the guards at the gate, even. We killed them, of course. I killed four myself! The rest only managed to kill one. The other one they let live, after telling him where the bodies of my ex-slave-friends were in the hopes he could convince the other drow we were all dead and he was just short two bodies. I’m not sure that was wise, but what do I know?

I tried to sell the loot from the bodies to the guards, but they only offered ten gold for it. I wasn’t going to carry around a bunch of armor, but their hand crossbows had poisoned bolts and might be valuable or useful, so I kept those.

After that I led the party away from the city towards our next stop, because I’m just that awesome and they have no idea where they are going. Before long we stumbled across a few hook horrors – at any rate they had hooks and were horrible. I turnerd around and walk away because they looked like they were running from something else making a weird high pitched noise. I though it might be water at first. Flooding underground is bad. But it turned out to be gnolls giggling at each other, which is not all that much better.

The two drug addicts think these are puppies. That will be hilarious until the bleeding starts. Then I will eat their souls. I’m not sure which souls, but definitely some souls on the menu.

I’ve been having these strange cravings…