Ygnas was sold by her parents to the Sage when she was a small child. Intended to be a servant, the Sage discovered that the girl was bright and curious, so she became his apprentice. When she got a little older, she started asking questions about everything. This annoyed him, and he put a gag on her for a few weeks. She learned to find the answers herself in the tower library, and to be quiet.

The tower was her home for years. She rarely left it. She knew nothing of the world except what was in books. In her early 20s, she started hearing a voice in the fireplace. She thought she was going mad. The voice talked about the God Zuul. She had never heard of this God, and researched him. The voice, and the flames, became her only friends.

She determined to leave to follow Zuul. But the Sage would not part willingly with his property. Ygnas followed the fire’s instructions, and killed the Sage. She couldn’t bear to destroy the books, so she didn’t burn the tower. With no formal priestly teaching, she set off to do Zuul’s will out in the world.