With my soul in a better place and a fresh herbal cleanse, it was time to seek out Forrest and my sword. He was surprisingly eassy to find, having set up a temple to Cloacina in the poor district. He actually seemed sincere, and after we had conversations about the matter, agreed that if the sword found me worthy, he would pass it over to me and focus on administering the church he had founded to spread Cloacina’s glory. The sword Verminbane agreed to try it, feeling there was still a need for Cloacina’s cause to be advanced in the world, over and above her newly founded church.

On that note, Forrest claimed (and the sword confirmed) that he had tracked down Vee about 6 months after the fight in te sewers. Vee had died, but her goal had been achieved. Somewhere in the world, probably in Helix, Armanieux was slouching towards godhood. It would be up to the two of us, and our allies, to do what we could to oppose that entity.

We agreed that I would take Verminbane out to fight, seeking out evil vermin, and check back with Forrest regularly. However, first I had to destroy the sword I had taken from the wererat Squee. Though of dwarven make and dweomered, it has the taint of a lingering curse, and Cloacina wished it destroyed. I set off to do that, leaving Lyrian teaching the beggers how to beg better. Strange lass.

The Yggians flat out refused to destroy the sword because I insisted on watching them do it.

I found two smiths in the merchant distict. The first charged me 15 gold for failing to destroy the sword. The second, an elf, said the sword itself was an “artifact” from an ancient dwarf and referred me to a dwarven craftsman in the noble district, Hammeryx. Hammeryx claimed he could not destroy it himself, but offered up to 5,000gp to purchase it from me. I refused. Cloacina said it must be destroyed.

We decided to take the sword to Homlet, a dwarven settlement nearby, where they could destroy it. I was skeptical, but hadn’t had any luck finding someone who actually could destroy the sword in Threshold. Hammeryx will pick up the group in a carriage tomorrow morning at the Druid and Whale, and we’ll see what the dwarves there can do.

After that, I’ll reclaim Verminbane, and go exploring the sewers. There was at least one passage we left unexplored (the one Vee fled down), and the bricked up entrance the kobold had been tasked to open. Not to mention the ominously named criminal Black Plague.