We made our way from the temple of Doghma to the Happy Cow Inn, bumping into Sanfire in the process. The halfling offered to join us for the evening, even rented a room, but left to use the outhouse early in the evening. He didn’t return. Rowen and Lyrian were drunk, so I loaned them spikes for their door and went to check on the halfing. I didn’t find the halfling, but someone else was there. He claimed not to have seen any halflings. I puttered around long enough for Sanfire to make some sort of noise if he was being held captive in the outhouse. Nothing. If he was in there, it was consensual. Or he was unconscious. But I wasn’t going to just bust in without something. What if there was no halfing there? I returned to the rooms, finding Lyrian and Rowen still drinking, but only Rowen actuallu drunk. I stayed the night in their room and we all traded watches.

Sanfire showed up the next morning, so I guess it must be ok. He didn’t say where he had been, and I didn’t ask.

Lyrian, Rowen and I went to the Yggian church the next morning to collect on the reward Xar offered. The matron there did not like our style, and shorted us the reward we were due. Xar had to intervene to get us 100gp. I returned his brother’s blade to him, a silver sword I had taken off the body of one of the other paladins to fight the rats. We mentioned we were looking for Forrest, the paladin who had stolen Verminbane. Forrest has parted ways with Ygg and taken up Cloacina’s service. This complicates things.

With the wererats temporarily routed, we all needed a long break. I undertook a long study of Cloacina, partially for my own benefit and partially to find Forrest. Cloacina gradually begin to grant me holy visions, and I felt she had accepted my petition for cleansing. My first task was a surprising one; my friend Bern wrote to ask about a cure for his withered arm. We researched it together, me from Threeshold. He started in Eastdale and traveled as needed. We did find hints that the fae may have a solution to the withering. It is certainly not cureable by standard divine magic. Finally, in preparation for the search for Forrest, I undertook my now-customary herbal cleanse and purge.


  • Summer: Crime increased in the northern section of Threshold, rumored to be the work of a criminal known as the Black Death
  • Fall: Construction in the north of Threshold (Cloacina temple)
  • Winter: New arrival in estates south of Threshold