Gradually, very gradually, we regained movement. When most of us had recovered, we moved to the southern room, where Thomas had befriended a kobold. We set the kobold to digging out a new sewer entrance from that room and explored a little to the east, finding a watery area we weren’t ready to explore further. It might still connect to the temple room to the north, but not that we could see from the shore. We also managed to search Squee’s body, finding his short sword (which I immediately dubbed Squeeblade). It looked to be of dwarven make, with an octagonal hilt. I’ll have it checked for magic later.

The paladins, meanwhile, were clearing out the wererat’s treasure room. One of them caught Clubeck being annoying and escorted him out. Two more carried out sacks of gold, leaving Xar and Forrest arguing over something we couldn’t make out. They almost left, but Gulson lured them back down for some inexplicable reason. Wizards, amiright?

Finally Xar and Forrest left too. I had wanted to confront Forrest on the way out, when he had just the one ally, but they took a different route out. We decided to loot the wererat treasure room now and confront Forrest later. A hasty search turned up 1500gp before two wererats came into the temple room. We tried to ambush them, and succeeded in the ambush, but my bowstring broke and Lyrian somehow put a notch in her silver shortsword, Bertam missed his crossbow shot. It was a bit of a disaster, but not completely. Both wererats were badly wounded and ran, not before giving me a new facial scar.

We woke up and staggered out of the sewers, managing to make our way to the nearby temple of Dogma for healing and a magical cure disease for me. An expensive one. We paid a 10gp bonus to the survivors, gave the Dogma temple an accurate account of the wererat situation (with a sealed appendix detailing how Cloacina’s sword was stolen from its rightful owner), and made plans to confront Forrest at the Yggian temple in the morning. Xar and the other paladins will need to admit Forrest stole the sword. Who knows what Forrest will say? Likely plead necessity, but Ygg seems to think the threat has passed. Will they do the right thing? Will they be swayed by our tales of the wererats who returned to their nest on the way out? Should we even share such tales, since it would reveal where the rest of the treasure went?

After that? I need a vacation.