Session map

I slew the wounded rat I was facing with one swift blow, but the big fucker stepped in to take it’s place. I gave him as nasty cut with my Yggian borrowed blade, taking a blow in return that destroyed my shield. Kiba stayed long enough to pull some spikes from my backpack to secure the southern door, but then fled. That rat bitch Vee joined the big rat, waving some sort of censor filled with toxic gas. Little does she know my pinkie ring from the sauhaugin protects my sense of smell; I f0ought on, undeterred. She tried a spell, but I shook it off and struck her in return, another solid blow. She fled, and another wererat joined Burly. That one died too.

From behind, the rat swarms were getting closer. I heard one of the men-at-arms die screaming in a flood of rats. I heard Gulson chanting, the roar of torches, rats squeaking. From above, the rest of the group was fighting their way forward. Forrest fled; the thief is clearly unworthy of Cloacina’s blessing. I heard dialog between a rat named Squee and Lyrian, then the sound of blows. Apparently it didn’t go well for Squee because he came down to fight me instead. I was doing fine against him, but he brought a friend, one of the massive worms with paralyzing tentacles. It stuck me and I froze up. Squee kept biting me while I stood there helplessly trying (and failing) to dodge. At least Squee told the worm to go eat someone else while he killed me himself.

Instead, Lyrian showed up, bleeding from her wounds, and killed Squee in a single blow, and the rat swarm Squee summoned to help with the next. Very fierce woman there. She yelled for Thomas and Kiba and Gulson, but they had fled behind the southern door. I couldn’t tell her because of the paralysis.

Somehow, Lyrian drove off Vee and slew the worm. She dragged everyone into the room and kept watch until the paladins woke up and started being assholes. I tried to tell her to grab Squee’s short sword, but… paralysis.

The paladins woke up first and herded us back to the entry room. They cured Lyrian of lycanthropy but didn’t offer the rest of us any help or any chance at whatever reward we could find in this rats’ nest. Forrest returned while I was still paralyzed, my sword in hand, and stomped off to find Vee.

Gradually we regained movement, if not health, in the entry room. We’re about tapped out. Most of our mercenaries are dead or missing. Thomas and Kiba, old friend and new, likewise. But casualties are part of war, and Forrest has my sword. I’m inclined to camp here until he returns from his search for Vee and … discuss the matter. I doubt the rest of the group will agree, though.