I gave Ahnjela a resounding slap across the face with my gauntlet, and it seemed to sober her up. But it didn’t make the skeletons any more inclined to let us pass. We did establish that they only guarded two of the three doors in the room, leaving the middle door free if we wanted to go that way. We also established that pink would help us kill green if we wanted to go through the green door, but pink skellie is a mean bastard and I would hate to trust his word. We agreed to examine the other doors before provoking the skeletons.

All the doors ended up leading to small cells, like what might be found in a (literal) dungeon. They each had different contents. We left Ahnjela to make friends with the skeletons while we examined the rooms one by one.

The northwest room had a collection of strange things suspended in a gelatinous cubical mass. Discovering no reaction to sword or flame, we set Gurg the dwarf to mining for treasure. He eventually extracted a bedframe, a silver coffer, two urns, and a wicker box from the clutches of the jellotinous cube. We had to leave the bedframe behind later. The box had 6 cubes with vowels on them, like dice. Rolling them does nothing. The coffer is silver and worth about a hundred gold, by itself. It contained a book; one of the wizards says it is written in Demonic, and contains instructions on the care and feeding of oozes, slimes and jellies. It also contains some sort of charm monster spell for those types of creatures. We’ll keep the spell scroll and sell the coffer it was in. We haven’t decided on the book. The urns had strange contents: one held hundreds of black glass beads, the other charcoal. Gurg burnt his hands retrieving the bedframe and stopped there.

The room to the southeast has a circle that turned anything living inside into purple jelly. We removed a door and laid it on top of the circle to no effect. The fae frog prince claimed to have nothing to do with this circle.

The room to the south west had piles of rust and sawdust.

The room to the north center had a giant rat corpse, which seemed to move and squirm despite being dead. We held a torch close by and three giant grubs burst forth. One bit Bayonetta and paralyzed her, but they fell to our swords and my bow quickly.

Finally the northeast door. When we opened it a massive flood of pink slime came rolling down the corridor. Most of us ducked out of the way, but it ate poor Parmox alive. Ahnjela was stuck on the other side with the skeletons while the rest of us retreated out of the path of the pink flood, which flowed down a slight incline in the passage west. I asked Gurg to please tell us if he noticed any such inclines in future passages…

While waiting for the slime to dissipate, we explored the exits one room to the north, which we had previously bypassed. Both had strange statues. To the east, a stone statue on a black plinth. The material was orange stone with green striations. To the north, another statue with a strange set of figures on the floor neaby. The statue was labeled “The Acquiescent” in common, with additional crude writing. Morgath copied that down for translation later.

When u-Heury touched one of the figures, it added all of us to the layout! It is clearly some form of magic that records those who passed this way, or perhaps those who touched the statue and gained permission to pass?

We must remember to ask the skeletons if any kobolds passed through their room, maybe even through the middle door.

Morgath proposed “The high ground” as an answer to the troglodyte riddle box.

We resolved to continue exploring whole waiting for the pink slime to subside so Ahnjela could rejoin us.