Session map


We fought the ghoul, but the fae blade couldn’t touch it, and I couldn’t attack anything else – it was like I was possessed, even though I kept my head for the first minute or two. I’m getting more and more reluctant to draw that damn magic sword, especially since it couldn’t even hit the damn thing I was so focused on. The sword just passed right through despite perfect form. It was the most frustrating fight of my life, as the thing’s summoned minions choked me with their boney fingers. Last time I go with the kid on one of his personal quests, I swear. Ygnas managed to scare off the first three undead minions, which probably saved our lives, but the ghoul struck her down and summoned three more right away. At least they weren’t all attacking us at once.

Somehow, with both Ygnas and I out of the fight, the kid pulled off a win. No idea how, I was dead at the time. I’ll have scars on my neck to match the ones on my face.

We searched the room, finding 100gp and a silver dagger under the altar, as well as a skull with a gem in the forehead. The kid has the skull in sack, along with the ghoul’s spear. He says the spear is talking to him, and from his side of the conversation, it’s a bit bloodthirsty and maybe the kid shouldn’t stand any watches alone.

Before trying to climb back out, we burned the ghoul’s body on the wolf altar and the wolf spirit appeared. This time the wolf spirit offered a reward and the kid asked questions. Sometimes he does everything backwards.

We managed to avoid the goblins on the first floor, but as soon as we got back to the surface, the drow chain mail went up in smoke. I’ll tell Landon an elf beat me up and took it back to his people.

On the way back to the cart, we found a boar fighting a man in leather armor. Or maybe a bard in his performing clothes. We fought the boar. The man fled, I got gored, and eventually the boar fled. This has not been a good few weeks back on the adventuring trail for me. I need to go back on my herbal teas and spa treatments, or one of these days I’m going to go down and stay down.


The ghoul was delighted, and said maybe I was the one that should fight it. Creepy, and no, but I was sort of pleased that someone recognized me being braver than the men. Then it promptly summoned three skeletons. Damn. I was positive that if it could do that, it would have done it ages ago to get itself out. Well, shit.

I prayed fervently to Zuul and He answered, giving me the holy power to turn those three skeletons, who ran for the door and stopped dead. Interesting. At least the moved bones didn’t mess with whatever wards were put on the tomb. My prayer did not, unfortunately, affect the ghoul. The kid couldn’t seem to land a hit. Feverborne had gotten out his magic sword from the other barrow the kid dragged us into, and after a minute, he got that glazed look in his eyes that meant the sword took over. He kept whacking at the ghoul, even though his sword passed right through it. Spooky, that. It’s obviously corporeal, but only to the kid, it seemed.

I was getting ready to wade in myself, when the ghoul summoned three more skeletons. Apparently I was going to be on prayer duty for the whole fight. Then one of the skeletons bashed me over the head, and everything… well, it didn’t go black like they say it does. I was wreathed in lovely warm flames, and I saw Zuul, but I couldn’t move to Him. Something was blocking me.

Then I woke up, with the kid groping around for my magic tinderbox. The fight was over. The kid had pulled off yet another miracle last hit and destroyed the ghoul. Feverborne was also down and not moving. As I sat up, Feverborne coughed and stirred. I demanded my magic tinderbox back, now that he had a torch going. The kid picked up the ghoul’s spear, and said it was talking to him about blood. From his discussions with it, it had been created by the shamans from his own tribe, but all it wanted was blood, constantly and indiscriminately. There’s something seriously wrong with those shamans to create such a demented thing. Or the spear got corrupted in the hands of the ghoul. Maybe the kid can cleanse it somehow.

While he was talking to the spear, I found a hidden compartment in the altar with 100 gold and a silver dagger. Then we pried the gem out of the skeleton that almost killed me. I healed both Feverborne and the kid. We rested, and I healed them again. But they were both still wounded. We burned the ghoul on the “good” altar in the north room, and the smoke rose up again. The kid said the wolf spirit was pleased he had killed the bad thing.

My desire to slaughter the goblins was thwarted. Seems they fled the barrow for parts unknown. We made our way outside to blessed fresh air and sky. I wanted to camp and rest so I could heal the others some more, but the kid was itchy to keep moving. We encountered a man trying to fight off a pissed off boar. I was all for backing away and going around, because entire hunting parties have trouble killing boars, but the kid barged right in. Because, stupid boy. With a sigh, I followed Feverborne after the kid. The man immediately fled, leaving us to the boar. Ingrate and coward. Then, the kid got off without a scratch, and Feverborne was almost killed by the boar. And I couldn’t do a damned thing about it until we rested and I had time to do my morning prayers.