Through rain, through mist, through flood and foul weather, we finally made our way to Threshold. U-heary and I camped outside while Stria went to find Basil, and we arranged to meet at the gate in case the guards had awkward questions about our exotic zoo animal. They did, but after taking our names (I gave my real name, and my companions did not) and paying taxes, they let the creature into the city and into Basil’s hands. I was very careful to describe it only as an exotic beast, so I was completely truthful. If the guards wrote down that we brought in a panther, well, that’s not on me. And if a gibbering mouther escapes into the sewers, I won’t be blamed, because I brought in a panther according to the official records. Bureaucracy is a wonderful thing when you know how to use it.

Basil described the sword we left with him thusly:

Pale blue metal (unnaturally light). Slender blade (but stronger than steel). Serpent engravings (twisting along the blade).
Powers: The sword is magical: +1 to attack and damage.
This is attached to the White League, a group of holy rangers in the Dolemwood that fought against the reptile cultists. 
The insignia of the White League is a stag’s head with ivy woven into the antlers.
Part of a set of three blades, made by the White League. 

Basil had us place the cage with the exotic zoo animal into a basement under the Library of Dogma. It was secured behind a locked door with guards nearby, but nonetheless seemed insufficiently secured for our peace of mind. I commissioned a sign (“Observe Mouther Protocols at all times! Earplugs required! Extreme Danger!”) and sent it to him. If nothing else, his workplace will be compliant with Denara’s wishes as expressed in the Book of Iso, verse 9000: “Let all things be labeled; and be those labels true and accurate, all else may be forgiven in her eyes.”

I quickly deposited most of my share of our earnings with the church, for when I have the opportunity to found my own. Stria was followed by a man with amorous intent; apparently there is a local festival of fertility. Our young barbarian found – or perhaps was found by – a lady barbarian named Aleena, a priestess of Crom, who apparently made him a man in the ahem traditional way. He seemed quite happy.

I plan to devote myself to study of Denara’s mysteries and file the forms necessary for gaining rank within the church. I feel that I have learned much in my travels and can aspire to greater things. I also need to track down Thomas; the young urchin promised to become an acolyte of Denara, and I wrote it down, so it must be done.

The others plan to seek further adventure. Stria promises to deliver the Azure Blade to Bern, who is the most likely suited to use it, as he is a ranger himself and currently lacks any magical weapons. Likely the three of them will explore u-Heury’s treasure map, the one near Threshold, since we have passed it several times already and he is clearly itching to investigate.