A strange man named Roger joined us in the sewers. He seems pleasant enough, and a fine warrior, albeit short a few of his marbles. We told him of our plans for the crocodile and he was in favor.

The alligator fell to our blades and my mace, and quickly, despite the size of the beast. I give thanks to Denara’s blessing for that. We struggled to haul the creature’s body to the surface, but eventually succeeded. There, we found it was already twilight, and our makeshift carrying mechanism seemed inferior to simply fetching the wagon. That’s where it all went wrong…

We couldn’t get to the wagon before dark and the gates are shut until morning. Knowing our friends were waiting, we returned to the Druid and Whale, and there rented a cart, telling the innkeeper it was to help our friends move. We didn’t tell her what we would be moving. And then, trying to find the entrance, we got lost. By the time we arrived, no one was there, though there were discarded alligator innards and tracks like a large creature was being dragged led north towards one of the main roads. We followed those, but found no one. Also no one at the Druid and Whale. Also no one at the shops (where I asked the weaponsmith to coat my new dragonscale hammer in silver for wererats). Also no one back at the Druid and Whale. Also… oh, FINALLY, we found them at the church square, waiting for us. If they had waited for us at the entrance to the sewers we could have saved so so much time.

u-Heury mentioned that he tried talking to the guard about the wererat cult and they were excessively interested in finding the entrance, to the point of detaining him. At least the authorities know what is going on now. We bedded down at the Druid and Whale to plan our next steps.