When I saw that thing with too many mouths behind the secret door, there was only one thing to do. I braced myself to resist it’s gurgling and slammed the door shut, then took a good look around me.

Everyone else was nuts, even the jelly skellies.

I did the only thing that made sense. I ran to the middle door, the one the skellies didn’t care about, opened it and ran in, closing the door behind me. I tried to ignore the noise from outside while I felt around the dark room. It had a strange black robe with an embroidered design and a lever on one of the shelves.

I thought the lever might open a door or turn off the skellies, so I pulled it. There was a flash of light and I felt my pappy’s rage come over me in an uncontrollable wave. I burst out of the door screaming bloody murder and swung at green skellie. Some new guy who came outta nowhere clocked me with the hilt of his sword.

I woke up with a headache as big as my pappy’s tail is long, and lying on top of Landon the elf to boot. Luckily I woke up first and got offa him before he woke up. That woulda been awkward. I ain’t no fae-lover ever if the Yggians are all dirty racists who hate lycanthropes. Ta each their own, I say. I eat ma deer meat raw, elves like their pointy ears. Nothin’ agin’ em, but ma ears ain’t got points.

So the new fella introduced himself. He’s some kinda date-rape victim, met a cute elf chick and woke up behind pink skellies’ door. That pissed off pink skellie something awful, but not enough to attack. Name’s Lodikai.

Also there was a new corpse in the room, one of the guards with forehead prisms. Not sure how he died. And Graeph ran off while I was unconscious.

Stria was making noises about feeding the dead guard to the mouthy thing. I said nope nope I ain’t having no part in that. It’s shut behind the door let’s leave it there. I need a god-damned vacation with a nice wolf bitch ta warm my bed. No more of this unholy shit. Outta the corner of my eye I caught Stria filling the chalice with blood from the dead guard. Didn’t seem to do anything. Course she didn’t try drinking it.

I started walking towards the exit when Stria started moving towards the secret door again. Bumped into some guy, magic type, said his name was Jellinnajar. He was coming in while we were leaving. Popular place, this grotto. Told him he’d be best off coming with me and leaving. He didn’t believe me. Landon and the Prismatist did. The new guy, the one in leather, he stayed with Stria.

I was just starting to drag the body of the other guard out of range when the gurgling started again and I said duck all this shit, I am outta here, dropped the body and ran.

I made it back to town. So did everyone else, eventually, even Stria and the new folks. Two of them looking a lot worse for wear. Stria already looked a little weathered but now she has sucker-marks all over her face. That’s gonna give me nightmares, no mistake about it. I’ve felt that damned thing eating my flesh before and it’s gonna remind me every time I see her face.

I need a vacation. Maybe I’ll take Snausages down to Oscar’s new temple and help him build it up for a while. No adventure, just chisel to stone. The life of a mason may be dull but that’s what I need right now.


After being duped by an elf in town over a drinking game, I found myself bound and gagged in some dark dungeon near town. To my surprise the hall door flew open and a old man with acid all over his face collapsed at the door.

After freeing myself i tried to help this group of fellows who were being attacked by their own fellow.

He was dispatched quickly by the assassin with a flat blade to the noggin.

Next after much debate i decided to help the Assassin open a door and WHOA was me the peril!

Barely surviving the blabbering blob after I nearly killed Stria in my madness, and it even killed the 2 black skeletons in the room.

We managed to loot the amulets, re-shut the blubbering oozes’ door and escape back to town. The price was heavy. But I am alive.


Bern got the door shut on the dirt monster. He then ran into a closet and shut the door. The soldiers after the prismatist stubbornly refused to come down the hallway. We needed to feed something to the monster so it would shut up and everyone would stop going mad. I turned my attention to the skeletons, since shoving Landon through the door would horrify the rest of the party. The pink one looked affected and most vulnerable. Greif shoved it out of the way of its door. Lo and behold, behind the door was a tied up man. I attacked the skeleton, but didn’t do any damage to it. Everyone seemed to wake up, and move around. Landon looked down the hallway and one of the guards was coming. Got back into position by the door.

There was a flash of light from the closet, then Bern came busting out looking even more wild than usual. He attacked the green skeleton, but didn’t seem to damage it. It tried to knock him out, but didn’t succeed. The guard came in the room. Landon struck him. I stabbed him between the plate armor, and now we had our sacrifice to the dirt monster. I turned to Bern, and knocked him out with the pommel of my dagger.

I filled the magic chalice with the blood of the dead guard, but the chalice didn’t do anything, so we still don’t know what magic it has. Nobody wanted to drink it. Dumped the chalice out and put it back in my backpack. Everyone wanted to run away at that point. I wanted to make the monster stop making that horrible noise. Yelled at Bern and Landon for being cowards as they ran off.

The guy that was tied up had freed himself and run through the door before the pink skeleton regained its senses and shut its door. He stayed, and was willing to help me. He opened the secret door, and I threw the guard’s body on top of the dirt monster. Unfortunately, it wasn’t interested in dead meat, and came for us. It also didn’t shut up. Then I felt a burning pain in my side and everything went black.

When I woke up, it was dark. I heard the monster eating, and Lodikai groaning. I sneakily shut the secret door, so the monster couldn’t get at us. At least it had shut up. I lit a candle, and saw both skeletons dead. I grabbed their amulets. AS I was dumping those in my pack, I noticed the chalice was gone. Damned monster must have somehow gotten it out of my pack. Well, with the skeletons dead, nothing will stop us next time from going through those doors, finding the back way to the altar, and getting the chalice back. There has to be a back way, since somebody dumped Lodikai behind the pink skeleton door.

Helped Lodikai up and we staggered to the exit of the grotto. He had scars around his neck as if he was strangled. I have marks all over my body from the monster. Bastard is going down. I’ll make it my mission to research it in the library and find out how to kill it. Met up with the rest of the party in the inn, after running the gauntlet of the Ygg paladins, who were especially grumpy about anything Fae suddenly. Landon cast a spell to see if anything we had was magic. Nothing was. Time to rest up a bit, then hit the library for that research…