Session map


Pusha made crowns for the St Yggian feast of virgins, and then took us to a curiousity shop. We were discussing various job opportunities, and not really coming up with anything local. Without u-Heury to keep the troglodytes’ attention, we weren’t confident of defeating them in a straight up fight, so we brainstormed tactics and evaluated alternatives. Eventually we settled on a strategy for the troglodytes: a chest of rotting fish left as bait, laced with pest-control poison from Nifty’s contacts, followed up with my spell of magical slumber from ambush as they suffered the consequences of the poison, Nifty and Morin to assassinate and backstab simultaneously, and as many hirelings as we can bring to back us up in the fight with the remaining fish-men. I guessed that the enchantment would likely be sufficient to remove either the chieftain or his two bodyguards from the fight, but not all three at once. We would need to be prepared to mop up whoever was left.

I picked up some torches, a bullseye lantern (thanks Feverborne for the tip) and oil, and put out a call for men-at-arms to meet us at the Druid and Whale in the morning. We got quite an impressive group; two torchbearers, an elf with a bow, a man at arms with a war dog and a woman who looked as tough as the men. With this large a group, we would have a chance of surviving a direct confrontation with the troglodytes, though likely with some loss of life. I suppose that’s what we all signed up for. If our plan works, any troglodytes that survive poison and spell should fall to sword and arrow in short order.

We determined to explore further north first before provoking the fish-men, since Nifty’s contacts would require some time to provide the poison.

I did notice Morin and Nifty eying Merwyn speculatively, almost greedily. I’m not sure what’s going on there, but the two of them are rarely up to anything strictly good. They’re looking at her the way I look at a nice, leafy salad.