Feverborne called me in to help with selling three books in elvish the group had recovered some time ago and wanted to read before deciding whether or not to sell. I read a chapter from each, and decided two of them were worth reading more thoroughly. Worlds Beyond described alternative planes and dimensions, and Libraries of the Ancients was all about libraries and why elven libraries were better than all the others. Since some of the Glorious Blades have repoorted strange things happening in libraries, there might be some useful information. The third, Sense of the Beyond, was a fictional account of a romance with a ghost. That one we sold. I’ll read the other two over the next few days.

None of us felt enthusiastic about following up on the missing person case in the sewers. If the creatures were able to take down Feverborne with several friends, we would have a much smaller chance. Our one advantage would be magic; my new Sleep spell could very well take out the whole group of trogolodytes at once. But, if that didn’t work, we’d be dead. Any such mission would need more support than Morin and Pusha.

We did overhear the Thieves’ Guild disussing another missing person, and Morin made inquiries. He turned out to be missing due to gambling debts, and his brother claimed he was a fan of the fighting pits. Morin was able to get answers there: the missing person was being held for a week. We conveyed that to the brother, who wasn’t pleased, but Morin wasn’t willing to go up against her guild to get the prisoner out when he would be released in a week anyway.

Meanwhile, I was content to read one of the books. Worlds Beyond talked about how people in different dimensions might be nearly identical to someone in this dimension, but make different decisions at a crucial point, and it claimed those decisions and dimensions could somehow circle back to influence our own. It sounded like nonsense at first, but on further thought, there might be something to the idea.

Pusha busied herself recruiting a pigeon and raccoon as friends.

Morin kept muttering something about an arm, a leg, and a female kidney. I don’t know what that’s about and I don’t want to.