There were three trogolodytes, one for me, one for Oohya, and one for Pusha. Verminbane sliced mine in half deftly; I took only a small scratch in return. The others did not fare as well, both falling to their opponents quickly. Morin, however, struck from the shadows and killed one. The remaining creature fled down the ladder into what I assumed was their hideous larder of rotting flesh. Trusting Morin to hold the lantern and watch over our friends, I followed the creature down the ladder, hoping to slay it before it could find reinforcements. My luck was no longer with me, however, and the thing escaped. A quick glance around showed a circular chamber filled with carrion, larger than expected. I swiftly ascended the ladder to help revive my friends, and by the time I finished – healing Pusha through Clocea’s grace – there were more trogolodytes climbing up out of the pit.

We lined up in the corridor to the north, hoping that I could hold the line with missile support from the others. We killed the first one that followed us, thanks mostly to Oohya’s dagger work, but then our luck ran out. I took more wounds in the process, and they were adding up. I called for us to retreat and open the secret door. The next one in line dealt heavy wounds, and none of my blows connected at all. He seemed to be some kind of elite warrior, as was the one behind him. Behind both of them was an even larger one, in some sort of armor and a headdress. A shaman or chieftain, perhaps. We retreated again, going through the secret door, and they followed. Before I could strike, claws and teeth tore my flesh, and I lost consciousness.

The others dragged me out, including a dip into the sewage, unfortunately. They managed to close the door, blocking the trogolodytes, and escape to the surface. Luckily Morin thought to grab my sword at the same time. Lucky for her as well, since she was vomiting up green mess. I invoked the power of Cloacea once more, channeled through Verminbane, and cleansed the disease from her. We made our way to an inn with a bathhouse to get cleaned up.

That led to some awkwardness. The innkeeper mentioned something about wanting to build a fence when I tipped him for his trouble with the filth. In gratitude fror his help and hoping to improve the cleanliness of our less well moneyed members, I offered to help keep the inn free of vermin using Cloacea’s powers to repel such creatures when our group was stayingt there, in return for a discount for my friends who would otherwise be unable to afford an inn with a bath. He seemed receptive, but I will need to practice my skills before I can invoke them properly. That might take a while longer.

I mentioned the strange discussion to Morin later, and she said something about a guild. Now I’m really confused. Is this innkeeper a guild fence? What does that even mean?

We did manage to sell the old wine we recovered for 250gp, and made inquiries about three books in Elvish. They seemed to be worth about 50gp each, but Pusha managed to offend the buyer, so we’ll need to find another. Preferably not the library of Dogma.