The amulet and potion turned out to be magical under Pish’s examination, the rest did not. We estimated the value of the dagger at 1500gp, but determined that no one is Eastdale would want to buy such a thing after Retep the antiquities dealer lowballed us. We determined that the best chance to get full value was to travel to a larger city, either Threshold or Prigswort, and determined to go to Threshold as I had other business there. We took a caravan to Threshold and managed to sell the dagger for 2000gp, with Nifty claiming the magical amulet for “testing”.

The next morning we went about other business. u-Heury found Thomas and the two of thwm caught upo on their latest sexcapades. I found Forrest, and got pamphlets to show the church of Saint Ygg in Eastdale about Lady Closea. Forrest also mentioned that several men had gone missing from the guild of sewermen. I promised to investigate. Thomas also promised to set some of his gang on the matter, to find any clues they could.

Then we traveled to the guild of sewermen itself, learning that Hale had gone missing after finding a new, uncovered entrance. Two guildmembers were with him, but ran. Their names and Bryce and Tristan, and the guild will pull them aside for us to talk to tomorrow morning. We alswo cleared up a small matter: “Wanted: Dead or Alivce” posters send the wrong message when you would prefer to recover a live guildmate rather than a dead one.

In the morning, we’ll talk to Bryce and Tristan about what they saw and where it happened.