Session map


We left u-Heury negotiating with the slime monster and headed north, hoping to find the killer frogs by the underground stream and explore further. On the way, Nifty found all sorts of trouble: first she tried to dust the pillar of skulls and nearly died when it triggered some sort of magical effect. Then, in the next room, she bumped into a floating dust ball and had to be tied down with a rope to keep her from floating away. Just as we finished dealing with that, noises to the south suggested matters with u-Heury had come to some sort of conclusion; we met up with u-Heury again, who reported that the mysterious monster was free and hostile. We decided to continue with the frogs, as that plan would let us stay well away from where the slime monster was likerly to go. We were just returning to the frogs’ area when the killer frogs arrived and attacked.

Two of them came for me; I killed one and missile fire from the second rank killed the other, but they got their claws into me first. The other frogs ate one of the hirelings, and the hirelings killed another in return. Morin tried to backstab one, but it knew she was there and bit her instead. Nifty dropped a flask of oil on another right before I killed it, the hirelings did for one more, and the last tried to flee with a hireling in its mouth. One of the dead frogs had a corpse in its belly, decaying, but with a shiny ring still visible on one of the corpse’s fingers. We claimed the ring and left in a hurry, as mysterious noises were approaching from the east.

We had hoped the ooze would leave the area after being freed, but Pish’s elven eyes spotted it lingering on the ceiling of the room with the secret door. We could think of no acceptably risky path to bypass the creature and loot the room it had occupied, so we resolved to retreat outside, rest, and consider our options in the morning.


Rather than try to reason with the barbarian, we went north a bit to look through the northern rooms of the dungeon. One room had a rather disturbing statue made of skulls with the words “The Acquiescent” and some writing in a language I didn’t know so it must be pretty obscure. In the adjacent room there was an “Honored Servant statue” which had little matching statues of each of us appearing at its base. I was an elf in a cloak, so it must have captured my likeness after we met the ooze. I was curious how that magic worked, but not enough to touch anything. Conversely, Nifty was on full clean patrol, and therefore was mesmerized by the crystals, got zapped by a statue, and turned into a murder balloon after dusting puffballs that made her float away until Feverborne tethered her. (I think those two clean cats might be more alike than even I can fangirl)

Meanwhile- U-henry was realizing he wasn’t as smooth a talker as he thought and the ooze attacked him. Somewhere else in the dungeon the sight of no one being shocked (save nifty literally) could be seen. The ooze said ‘Starting my 100 days of service now’ and cast a spell that heated his armor - more like dis-service! (sick burn!! Lol evil but funny). Fortunately Barbie boy seemed to evade most of the heat damage by jumping into the water and making his own hot bath. What is it with this group and cleaning needs???

Once we were all together again, we moved to the area where there was an interesting pictograph showing a series of man to ooze pictures It was easy to read since we had a floating assassin balloon with a torch but we didn’t have time to discuss the meaning as the sounds of toads caught my elf ears. It was full TTW- Tactical toad warfare- I shot through the door and bloodied one of the toads with my first arrow. Yeah, I Legolased his ass! I shoot again next round and take out a previously bloodied toad- I am a battle elf!! We did lose Mort the hireling- normcore no more! Mordin strait up fileted one toad (Nat 20) and it had a finger with a 200g platinum ring in its belly. We backtracked to see if the ooze had cleared out and we could see what that magic item in it’s room had been, but my elf eyes saw it hiding on the ceiling to ambush us, so we decided to exit the dungeon, rest and regroup.