Session map


We traveled further towards the southwest, but ended up walking in circles. I made the best of it and hunted up a small fox. There wasn’t enough left for a hat.

Later on we encountered two groups of four strange walkers. We evaded them and watched the two groups meet up and become a circle of eight. They headed off in a new direction together, one close to a weird magnetic pull we were all feeling. We went in the same general direction, figuring it might be a pull leading us towards the hag’s lair.

Instead it lead us to a small stone henge, with strange shapes milling around inside it. There was some sort of strange humming noise… and that’s all I remember, aside from a splitting headache and some sort of dream about the maid killing everything with one blow.


These woods with these people and these zoms….the Hag Addle better be interesting. The trekking seems to be more about a tingle in the air or maybe Bern really just wanted to go hunting for half the day, but not too much progress was made during the day. In the afternoon 4 zombs got near our camp….we hid, but they seemed to be searching and moving int he general direction we were trying to head. I’d been hearing the faint crys from the YWYR necromantic layline along our path so it isn’t so strange when undead show up.

Someone got a little too close and got noticed by the creepies and then all went sideways. Everyone got mesmerized save Unhurny, Nifty and me and were compelled towards a stonehenge. The larger collection of zombs were ahead and hadn’t seen us yet, and the three of us were desperately trying to pull back our party members and hide.

I took a shot from 140 ft out and took out the one grabbing bern….I’m an adventure Elf! I think he then tried to pretend to be a zomb, but that only works up until you try to move away from the shrine. Nifty was super helpful….she dusted those zombs like a dirt assassin…or just a regular assassin?…and helped keep 2 of the party from being carried off. Even after healing Ygnas, she just got mesmerized again so it seems maybe we just let folks stay unconscious for a bit.

I started dragging Domi and Kai towards the wood edge. There is some powerful magic going on at the shrine and I just hope we aren’t all dragged into it.


I was following my friends in the woods, and we came across these weird things with dark skins similar to Bern’s arm. I kind of wanted to clean it, but I was deterred, and Bern told me to warn our other friends. I warn them, but then all of a sudden, everyone, except for Pish, Uheruy, and me, wanna walk towards the weird things I wanna clean. It seems like Pish and Uhuery want me to make everyone go nighty night. So I made everyone go nighty night with one of my daggers. The dagger’s name is Chad. Overall, everything looks so dirty and makes me wanna clean everything.