Session map


We sold the smurf balls and devil’s grease to the herbalist Wyrmspittle for about 50 gp. u-Heury somehow showed up while we were there, asking about herbs of a rather more delicate nature. He was a normal size again by then, and we introduced him around to the new folks and vice versa. I made some inquiries about setting up a trade in fashion garb on Oscar’s behalf, he’ll want to try to take advantage of the trade opportunity in selling Aster’s works in Prigswort.

After that we stocked up on provisions and left town, looking for Hags’ Addle. It rained; we marched through fog. I scouted ahead for the group and lead us around what I can only assume was a raiding party of orcs. Twice, flying things nearly ambushed us in camp; both times I detected them first and tried to maintain stealth. I would have succeeded both times if Nifty hadn’t yelped when I woke her. Luckily Pish the elf talked us out of that one, speaking some language she claimed was Sphinx to the flying cats. Frankly I can’t tell a sphinx from a minx. Well, ok, I can. But I can’t talk to either one.

We found a stream, but not the river we’re looking for that says we’re at the right place.

I feel like I’ve learned a lot from this bizarre trip into the land of the plants, but I’m ready to be done with it. Let’s let the hag offer whatever sort of deal she can to fix my arm, and I’ll think it over for a good long time before I do anything about it. Dealing with hags is rarely wise, and usually has a price. I don’t mind asking the price, but I’ll give it a big long think before I pay it.


Nothing more civilized than shopping- or selling in our case. We all went to Wyrmspittles Herb shop and Bern was able to interest him in his blue (smurf) balls for gold. We also inquired about any other items he might want to buy if we found them, and learned of several funguses and their effects that we might find near Hag’s Addle. Speaking of mushroom bruisers, We also met up with a former coworker in the group U-Heury (more like U-Horny?) who appears to be a barbarian type, so should be useful on the protection in the woods front. There was also some goat lady that walked in at the end as we concluded business.

Into the woods we go! Traveling SW we camped the first night and thankfully I volunteered my elf eyes to share a watch. Two large winged beings landed near our camp and were whispering. Fortunately, they were speaking Sphinx, an erudite and uppity language I happen to know. The sphinx and her brother were chatting about whether they should eat us, but I stepped out and talked like an Egyptian to avoid them eating my friends and to go north instead. My words are my weapons, and tonight I was victorious.

My keen elf eyes in support helped us avoid some eagle/stag/griffin/wolf creature that was digging up a body near our campsite. After its departure, we surveyed the ground and found a shallow hole where perhaps the body had been left for a late night snack. There wasn’t much of note save 5 silver and a strip of clothing with a stripe.

The third night we narrowly avoided 6 hound sized toads- seriously what is up with these woods?? I know i wanted to adventure some, but I can only speak so many languages and one of them is definitely not monster frog.

For part of the time in this forest there has been this weird fog that feels like it dampens my magic. However, I also couldn’t hear the creepy baby whispers in the fog from the ley lines in it, so that isn’t so bad. We have been traveling generally parallel to the Ley Lines’ path -going NE to SW and are near the crossing of two of them. Such a nexus of power makes sense as a place to find other magically sensitive folk. I suspect the Hag’s Addle is near.