Session map


We went to the Wrinkled Medley to further the investigation into Mr. Klepp. My finely tailored weatherproof cloak and an outlandish haircut got me in past the generally hoity-toity doorman. The bard Hugh was auditioning for a musical act of some time, and the rest of us were tagging along to get information

One of the guests, Mr Wyrmspittle, mentioned Mr Klepp, noting that he had been unwell and not getting out much. The guest, who owns a herbalist shop (#9), mentioned that Klepp lives near his shop (at #21). I promised him first right to purchase any grey poupon seeds, which I described as a type of mustard seed particularly suited for crustless sandwiches, in return for the information.

The herbalist invited us to stop by his shop in the morning to investigate selling the Devil’s Grease and Papa Smurf’s 4 blue nuts.

Nifty, a strange woman who works at the inn as a maid, but also somehow moonlights with the Glorious Blades, overheard a conversation about poisonous trees to the west of town. I perked up at that, as the hag’s lair is supposed to be west of town as well.

We stopped by Mr. Klepp’s house on the way back, dropping the letter from the clockwork dwarf off with the butler there.

When we stopped at Brandybile’s, he reacted negatively to Aster’s cloak (and the rest of my outfit) and refused to deal with me. It seems that Brandybile and Aster have a historic rivalry, and until now, Brandybile was unaware Aster still lived, much less was still working. This encounter will likely have consequences later.

Nifty was able to inspect his shop closely, however, and determined that it was magically warded, and the wards were in fact quite dangerous. Breaking in, should we have reeason to do so later, would be perilous.

We did not get chance to visit the herbalist’s shop, so that is where we will go next.


The Bard’s big day is this afternoon! I got up early to get our clothing delivery and to make sure the Heoh was woken before his show. Nifty who cleans the place….let’s be honest, she cleans all places, offered to join us on our mission as she moonlights in the guild. I decided to wear my new ambassador costume under my cloak in case some official b.s. Is needed, but hopefully the show will go on without a hitch and Bern will get the info he needs. I’m not particularly impressed that we all had to stay in the back room instead of near the show, but it sounded like it went well- I peeked out to add any aid and saw mr. neeve waving his hankie at all the ladies- such a macaroni.

When the show was over, Heoh was told anyone who was awesome might get a special invite from the Bard scout, so hopefully there will be a message for him in the next few days. I am a sucker for wordplay. Bern heard some good rumor words- about how the guy he is looking for hasn’t been seen in a while and that there is something going on in the west woods giving inflamed poisoned flesh to folks. He also met the herbalist that lives by Kleps summer house and seemed super interested in helping him. Before going to #9 (Herbalist’s shop) we stopped by that guys house and Bern delivered his message to the house gue. We then had a a BRIEF stop at the tailors. It was a snippy visit for sure with Bern managing to insult the owner enough to get his fancy invite nulled and the door slammed in our face. Somehow Ygnas has been the level headed one this day- it’s a weird one and we haven’t even met the dude to discuss grey poupon seeds yet..on to the herb man, kookookachoo (“onwards” in high elven)