Session map


I’m going to need some more parchment and twine to properly chronicle all these clues- man this party needed an elf. It seems these folks have just been holding onto a mysterious letter- that they didn’t even open?! It seems they got it with a bag of gems from a (deceased?) courier and didn’t realize the real treasure is the written word, and the secrets it can tell us. There was the symbol of the Cobbsworth brewery. (you don’t need a 17 int to be curious, but it helps) Obviously, we had to open it, which I did with only a slight injury. I did end up with a -1 to hand stuff from that- might that be enough to discourage hooking me up with his racist son?

The letter was written to Wilfrinda Grump to acquire some Moss Mulch for a special brew. Now it gets interesting- It seems that in large quantities it is a poison, but in smaller amounts causes euphoria, so the brew could be a really good time or a really bad time. Could our group be the new supplier? Should we give it over like we didn’t read it? Could we sell it to a rival brewer? So many interesting possibilities.

We also learned more about the city- Hague Jerricorn is the Sea of Stars Jeweler and i think was fighting with this pirate for a map or something. Perhaps there is something there we could use. Our bard got a sweet gig at that fancy pub in the south , so we might need figure out how to blend in better. I don’t quite have the funds for these human’s frilly shirts, but I commissioned a elf ambassador-like costume from one of the festival vendors. The really interesting thing is that the maker said that was the second request for such an outfit in town. We have to be at the Meddler at 3 pm today for the Bard’s barding…