Session map


Ygnas caught up to join us, and we left town to the south after picking up the weatherproof cloak Rowen had ordered for me. About the cloak, the less said the better. It’s waterproof, and highly visible. I think the designer described it as plaid. Or maybe paisley. I don’t know what those words mean, but a blind elephant could see this cloak from miles away. I’m going to have to pack it back up any time I need to hide. As soon as I can afford a new one, I’m cutting this one up and making a ghilley suit.

I caught a nice dear that would feed us for several days. It was late by the time we heard the ticking, so we chose to travel onwards towards Prigswort rather than stop by; perhaps we will find Mr Klepp there, and if not we can drop off the oil from the mossling dwarf on the way back.

We made camp later, and were rudely awakened by a strange man pursued by giant flies. They killed him before we were even properly awake, and started towards us. Rowen summoned some sort of bonfire, and Ygnas tried to cast a spell then shivered like she got hit with a poleaxe. For my part I killed one of the flies attacking the man in a single blow, but it wasn’t enough to save him. I moved to block the flies from reaching Rowen so she could keep her spell up. Ygnas pulled herself together and did the same.

The remaining flies caught in the fire fled, but the others flew over our heads to get to Rowen. She managed to avoid their attacks, keeping her spell going. Ygnas and I traded blos with the flies, but only killed one before Rowen was bitten. With her concentration broken, Rowen fled into the woods to hide.

The dead druid had a staff with a birdlike theme, a pouch with a letter, and a green vial. Rowen claimed the vial; Ygnas wants to pass the staff along to Selaena.

The letter spoke of a reward for services rendered, and described a meeting place in a brewery with a bear symbol. It contained a few gems, worth 200gp together. None of us knew the symbol, but if we happen to encounter it before selling the gems, perhaps we can investigate further.

We traveled onwards, leaving the road at Rowen’s insistence (she wants to find the leylines), eventually finding a small village of moss dwarves and mushrooms. Ygnas insisted we stop at the inn to check her forehead for some kind of mark. No one else could see it, but it seems to have driven her to utter distraction.

The townsfolk didn’t seem interested in buying jewelry or gems, but I planned to sell some of the herbs we found while foraging. If nothing else they would fetch some spending money for expenses.