Session map


The “not that simple” part started when Rowen burst through the door. We explained what was happening with the mossy dwarf, and trekked back to Blackeswell, passing a strange black iron cauldron on the way. Someone had hidden it next to a wolf’s den. When we woke up in the morning, it had moved closer to me, apparently by itself. Creepy.

Back in Blackeswell, we stopped by the Klepp workshop. A number of folk kept a wary eye on the place, and tried to run us off, despite our clear and true explanation that we had a package to deliver. Since it was getting dark, we took rooms at the inn for the night and resolved to try again in the morning.

Rowen got distracted and wandered off to look at clothes, while I watched the place. Aside from getting run off by the local union, nothing much happened. I shifted to the local pub (with a view of the door, mind you) and eventually some men with a cart delivered a package to the door. I interrupted them in a variety of ways but got no useful information. The door did not open.

However, the priest in the old temple to the south suggested he would pay a reward if I managed to investigate Klepp’s workshop. I vaguely agreed I would look into it, but he wanted it very much on the down-low.

Listening in the bar nearby, as well as to the priest’s complaints, it seemed that there were strange noises mostly at night, and if packages were going to be picked up, it must be overnight. I went back to the inn to get some rest, leaving Selaena to watch the workshop. Hours later she returned, smelling awful, but then somewhere found a bath. That freaked her out so much that she left town. Don’t blame her.

Rowen stayed, but no sign of a rain-cloak yet.

Once it got dark, I moseyed my way back to the workshop and found a cozy spot in the graveyard to watch the door. If I heard noise, or saw the packages disappear, I would know someone was home. Aside from the locked door, the chimney was the only way in. Pity I didn’t ask Rowen for a fake beard and a red suit.