Session map


u-Heury finally made his wish: “I wish for my beautiful princess, who remains loyal to me through time, to come to me, riding on her mammoth when it is time to form my kingdom.” The kid spent a mighty long time thinking to come up with that. He seems to think he deserves a kingdom, a beautiful princess, and a mammoth. The loyal bit was an interesting twist, and I’m curious how tall his princess and her mammoth will be seeing as he was about 6 inches tall when he made the wish. That part, at least, wore off eventually.

We made our way to the manse of Ygraine, back on track to get my arm sorted out, and to meet up with Rowen. I got the chance to ask Ygraine – by an exchange of notes, not personally – for advice about fixing my arm. She said, first, tha t it couldn’t be done, second, that only a hag could do it, and third, never make deals with a hag. Well, it doesn’t hurt to hear the sales pitch, right? She also told me about a hag named Bertha Bogbottom who lived in the Dolemwood. We were supposed to follow the road to Prigworth, then turn southwest into a bog filled with dead trees.

We set off in that direction. Rowen was nattering on about ley lines. It rained on us, and I got a cold. We saw a phoenix, and a strange pillar that opened a stone eye to look at me when I approached. A flock (?) of pegasi circled around a field. We passed it all by because we had somewhere to be, and if I’m being honest, because none of those strange events looked like there was money to be made.