Session map


Rather than return to town immediately, we investigated some of the nearby barrows. While we walked, Rowen had the bright idea to put on the wight-making necklace we found in order to “make sure we kept her safe”. I’m not sure where she got this obviously bad idea but she should stop listening to them.

The first had a simple porticullis guarding the entrance, and no skull on top. After inspecting it for traps we managed to lift it and descend, with Rowan’s Dancing Lights lighting the way, and a log holding the gate up so it wouldn’t close behind us.

A short passage led to a small chamber containing 6 vases. When I first approached using infravision, I caught sight of a mass of centipedes swarming over the vases. We retreated to discuss options and decided to try to lead them back to the gate with missile fire, then drop the gate and shoot through it.

Being the only one who could see clearly in the dark, I advanced and took a few shots at range, killing one. They headed towards me, according to plan, but the plan did not include two more dropping fr4om the ceiling right at my feet. I retreated and killed another. The other two yelled that they couldn’t see to shoot, so I retreated further behind the gate and dropped it. But the remaining centipedes did not follow.

We opened the gate again and went to the vases, but there were no centipedes. At least not until I picked up a vase and tried to carry it out. Then the remaining insects appeared. Rowan and Morin fired once and fled, killing one, but leaving me in the dark to fight alone. I managed to kill one more, but the second practically dissolved my shield before I could retreat back to the light.

At my urging, we took one final venture into the barrow, slaying the last two and retrieving all of the urns. They contained a total of 200gp (in silver) and two pieces of jewelry worth 300gp and 500gp. We set off for Meagre’s Reach, dragging the coin behind us.

On the way, we were attacked by three stirges; they followed us for most of the day and waited out the night before attacking. Rowen got sucked on for a bit, but we were able to kill the stirge before it drained her of blood. The rest died without tasting anyone.

With any luck we’ll make it back to town tomorrow, check the necklaces for magic, and perhaps acquire more tools and some laborers to help open the first barrow.