Session map


We traveled further down the road, meeting a knight by the name of Richard the Lionhearted and his single merry (and weirdly mossy) dwarf. We discussed the road in both directions, and the dwarf inquired about peculiar mushrooms. Richard mentioned that there was someone already looking into the weirdness of time around the town of Meagre’s Reach, and advised us not to stay there long lest we be caught up in the time distortion ourselves.

All very interesting but not very helpful.

We traveled onward, leaving the forest, and found a sign reading “Distilerry”. Rowen was out of wine and craving a drink, so we followed the path leading off the trail for an hour or two. What we found was a hideous old woman, practically rotting in front of us, who was keeping company with several zombies. Peaceful zombies, albeit not very chatty. She offered Rowen a bottle of whiskey for 400gp, and I’ll be damned if the girl didn’t agree and pay in platinum on the spot. The hag claimed it would make the dead talk, at least for a minute or two, if we poured it down their throat. Supposedly the bottle of embalming fluid holds 10 shots. We left with the bottle, thoroughly creeped out, and camped near the road.

After leaving the hag and following the ley lines for a while, we found Sanfire Wetkettle cooking out in the middle of the woods, and joined up with him. We found a strange barrow with a skull formation on top, and Rowen tried pouring some of her new embalmer’s whiskey down the “throat” of the central skull. It told us there were many nearby barrows, some of which had treasure, but this one was empty and trapped. We searched for others, eventually finding and marking one that appeared intact and was not marked with a skull formation on top. We had nothing to interrogate, but perhaps the skulls on top are meant to mark the trapped ones?

At any rate, we’ll need a set of pickaxes and maybe some laborers to crack that one open and see what’s inside.