Session map


We returned to Westkeep for a few days to heal, sealing the tomb again on the way out. On the trip back, we noticed a strange tree shaped like a gigantic foot, and a flock of hawk-deer hybrids. We avoided both. In Westkeep, I passed on the news about the gnome and his grain to the local priest. Seleana volunteered to look for herbs to help our recovery, and I went hunting to help pay for her room at the inn in return. We all picked up proper winter clothes, then returned to the tomb. u-Heury complained of the ghost in the ring talking to him the whole time.

Passing through the underground chamber led to a winter wonderland… obviously a fae realm of some kind, with a strange crack in the sky that resembled the crack in the floor of the tomb above. There was a lake, and a tower in the center, like an egg fried sunny side up. And it was cold. We knocked on the door, which was opened by a large troll being ridden by a small goblin with a clipboard. He was checking names off of a guest list for a wedding. Methinks the lady in question has gotten cold feet.

u-Heury couldn’t think of a way to lie his way in, so I said I was a ranger bringing human food for the guests. The goblin wasn’t fully convinced, but agreed to let me in if I ate a mushroom and helped out with the wedding. Sensing a way to achieve our objective, I agreed. The others did also. Selaena didn’t seem changed, but u-Huery grew to 12 feet tall and burst out of all his clothes. Awkward. I got about 6 feet of hair growth, so… pretty much normal after a few months in the wild. I took the time to clean up a bit, but they sent Selaena and u-Heury in with refreshments right away.

When I finally entered the room, u-Heury was backing away from a staircase leading further up under close eye of a frosty prince, while Selaena tried to sneak down that same staircase.