Session map

We crossed the pit, finding a T intersection with two more doors. Between us, we listened to them all. We heard voices behind one; someone was chanting. Stria opened the one next to it, just a crack, and closed it quickly. She whispered that there were more Vol cultists there, discussing how to get past some monster obstacle. Behind the third door, yet more dragon cultists. There were no obvious valuables or reasons to reveal our presence, so we left.

The ravens had still not returned. We traveled south towards the ice tower, hoping to learn a little more while waiting for the ravens. In that we were successful; the entrance is guarded by two tree creatures. They are intelligent enough to speak, but refused to let us pass. We circled the base and found no other entrances. Perhaps linked to our closer approach, we were hit by a sudden ice storm. The rest made it to shelter in time, but my armor and limp slowed me down. The hailstorm hurt, but it passed quickly. I’ll petition Denara for her healing grace when we camp.

Shortly after, the ravens landed with news. We asked first if there were any entrances visible on the top of the tower. They said no.

The ravens reported that they had found the tower we were looking for, and it was about half a day’s travel away. Since it was already late, we planned to camp for the night and travel to our proper destination in the morning.