Session map

After bringing Ygnas back, and getting her settled in at the tavern to recover, we reported to the wizards at the tower of the leaning goose. They were so excited by the report that they proposed an immediate return to Highfell, this time on the backs of giant ravens. The wizards claimed to possess a kind of magical birdseed that would allow us to befriend them, for a period of months at least. We could then ride the animals to Highfell. We could return the same way, but I insisted on a potion of feather fall for each member of the group. Just in case. Ygnas insisted she needed rest, but recommended her friend Selaena the druid to accompany us. The wizards suggested we look for a specific tower within Highfell, an octagon with a rectangular annex, once occupied by their patron.

We met Selaena at the tavern and filled her in on our plans, then went shopping for food, climbing gear, and cold weather clothes. Several mercenaries responded to our call, but we kept only a halfling Rodney and a knight Stavros. The knight was to lead our horses back to town if we found and tamed the ravens; the halfling just because an extra warrior would come in handy and he would represent less weight on birdback than the others. We got a fix on Highfell’s location – near Endtown – and set off. Ironically we rode right past Highfell on the way to the ravens.

The roost was a plataeu near the top of the tallest peak in the area. The route there was nearly vertical, but u-Huery climbed up like a squirrel. The rest of us used ropes and pitons to follow behind, after giving instructions for the man with the horses to wait until we had made a bargain with the ravens, then return to thatchem with the horses and whatever . Near the top, Selaena cast Speak with Animals and joined u-Huery on the top. I could hear a growing commotion as I climbed with the birdseed. u-Heury was being pecked at and yelling at me to hurry up; the ravens were squawking and Selaena squawking back. Things didn’t seem to be getting any calmer, but I was almost at the top with the birdseed. Just a few more minutes!