Session map

We had landed in thick forest, so u-Heury climbed a tree to look around. He saw a few flying creatures in the distance and the cloest way out of the forest to the northeast. We headed in that direction, briefly interrupted by a harpy that didn’t seem interested in us. The harpy eventually flew off, asnd we made it out of the forest and approached one of several towers. Ygnas recognized the emblem above the tower entrance as belonging to Kelguumer, a wizard famed for his interest in insects.

We were about to enter the place when a wave of cold swept through. It was painful enough to damage anyone in metal armor, or without significant winter weather gear. Something to plan for next time we return. My holy mistress Denara grants protection from cold, now that I know to ask, but this cold snap lasted three hours; longer than even my repeated prayers can protect us. Perhaps if Ygnas and I shared our strength – but that would leave little for healing.

At any rate the cold passed, and we set up camp for the night outside. Our camp was scouted by a chimera, luckily also uninterested in us. And in the morning we went inside the tower, invoking the blessing of Denara upon our endeavor. With luck, we may be able to secure a small, protected camp indoors to help avoid the cold.

We found lots of small rooms and doors. One of them, to the west, appeared to be a kitchen complex. There were many closets (some of which had dangerous rocks overhead, and others had suspicious slimes and oozes). That might be a good place to establish a base.

To the east we found another series of rooms, including one with a coffer and a secret door. We left ther latter two items to explore later, opting to make the most use of Denara’s blessing as possible while we looked for living enemies.

We found them to the north, in the form of a nest of rats. Ygnas held a torch, while u-Heury and I made short work of them with hammer and sword. Two fled into their nest, which we will shortly destroy and search for any valuables, then return to the room with the coffer and secret door.