A thin and wiry fighter with a hacking cough and a cynical outlook on life and death. His career started in the village of Helix, working as a town guard. He fled the city when it was attacked by an undead army that rose from the barrowmaze, and relocated to Threshold, signing up with the guard there under the alias “Feverborne” (Helix had been suffering from a plague outbreak at the time of his birth) and serving with honor if not distinction.

The Glorious Blades hired him as a mercenary sword when he finally lost patience with his lack of career prospects, opting for the risky but lucrative life of an adventurer. The risks were quickly made clear to him as several incidents left him in need of divine intervention to remain among the living. His health had never been the best, and these incidents made it worse. He now strictly adheres to a regimen of herbal teas and cleansing diets, which has allowed him to maintain – mostly – his health against the risk of his new lifestyle.

Not long after signing up with the Glorious Blades, Feverborne became embroiled in the fight against a wererat cult within the sewers of Threshold. The battle over the sewers led to his discovery of a hidden shrine to the goddess Cloacina, the lady of cleansing, and he came into the possession of the sword Verminbane. This experience proved a revelation, offering hope to recover his health – or at least a religious ideal that matched his focus on health.

Following his first encounter with the lady of cleansing, Feverborne undertook studies of her lore and teachings, such as well known. Her cult was always small and not well known. Yet enough information was found to set Feverborne on the path to becoming a paladin of Cloacina. He had a surprising ally in this endeavour, a paladin originally serving St Ygg, who had converted to Cloacina’s cause during the final battle against the wererats. The paladin, named Forrest, now heads the church in Threshold while Feverborne serves as knight errant.

Verminbane bears the inscription: “ABLUERIT DOMINUS SORDES TERRAE”