Chris (Tiberium), Brian (Pyrzifal), Dean (Thic Duc), Tim (Otto), and Cody (Warin) are returning cast members.

As we left the party, they had just survived ambushing an ambush by the skin of their teeth. After disposing of the bodies by piling them into the cave under the tree, they returned to the inn where they believed they had been led into an ambush. Tazking the time to plan ahead, Leah and Barron returned to Restenford. While there, they bumped into Otto the halfling in a tavern and Warin in the church of his new faith. Both were amenable to rejoining the group to help deal with the inhabitants of the inn, whether they be innocent or guilty. They rejoined the party near the inn, but out of sight.

Warin and Otto, being unknown to the inhabitants, went in first and took a table near the secret door leading up into the tower. The rest followed separately, noting an archer left one of the watchtowers when he saw them approach. Inside, the inn’s custom was much reduced from previously. In particular, the bartender and cook were missing entirely, the waitress was trying to fill all their roles (and avoid the party’s eye, once the other members entered). No one seemed inclined to protest much when the party announced they planned to take over the inn, although no one seemed very enthusiastic either. After giving anyone with concerns the chance to leave – only the waitress, Penny, took them up on it after learning that the bartender had been killed – the party begin to search the place thoroughly.

The guest rooms out back held a sick cook, an actual guest, a storage room with a variety of mismatched bulk goods and three chests of varying size, an unoccupied room holding what appeared to be ledgers for the inn’s accounts, and a rather garishly decorated bedroom. A third building behind the second one was very strongly built, with a locked and fortified door. There was no key, but there was a hook behind the bar where one once hung… Penny! Thic Duc and Pyrcival immediately set out in pursuit of the waitress, who had presumably taken the keyring with her. Unfortunately, Pyrcival’s pony was laden with two suits of well-used plate mail he intended to sell, and Penny had a substantial lead. They reached the gates of Restenford without seeing her.

Meanwhile, back at the Inn, the search for valuables continued. The three chests were trapped with a variety of nasty methods, but the party managed to either disarm the traps or escape their consequences. The small chest contained gems; the medium chest gold coin; the large chest mostly copper. Among the other goods found in the storage room were a matched set of leather armor, daggers, short swords, and badges with the highport logo on them. Strange.

Eventually, the party and their guests found their way to rooms and bedded down for the night… only to be awakened from the utter darkness by a blood-curdling scream!

The journal of one Tiberium Elyse III describes the events that followed:

Journal of Tiberium Elyse III
Of the Godsday of Harvester month

Having taken the fortress mentioned previously, we've set about to ensure it's now run in an orderly and lawful fashion. A cook is being sought, as well as the missing key to the back storage, but we may have enough hands to ensure a safe and inviting stay for potential guests. I've offered my "share" of this property, that we may convert a large bedroom in the back building into a small chapel area, where any of the non-evil Gods may house celebrations, worship, and confession. Pelor, of course, will have a member of the clergy present on the grounds.

Those discussions coming to an end, Pryz and Thic Duc have set out to chase down the former barmaid, and then go to nearby Restenford to procure additional help (and a cook!). With the contents of the small locked building still unknown, I've camped near the door, to ensure that no one enters or leaves in the night.

Only a couple hours into that watch, however, I heard a terrified shriek, and a shout. "Murder!", coming from the northern battlements. At full sprint, I rushed to the tower, where Warin had also made his way to. We weren't able to see the assailant, but the sounds of a scuffle were clear. We approached the front door for the inn, Warin having run ahead. Only halfway across the common room, Warin had turned and begun to run back for the exit. He quickly explained that a guard had been assaulted, and fallen from the tower.

Turning the corner, I saw a man, one of the guards, lying on the ground, his body twisted, and clearly in a lot of pain, and barely conscious. Otto, the child we previously rescued from the wererats, appeared to have climbed down the wall, and the guard was clearly frightened of him. Approaching, I bloodstain on the man's belly was evident. He appeared to have been stabbed straight through. I attempted to calm him and bind his wounds, but in the scuffle, was only able to step on him (nearly losing my own footing). Thankfully, Warin (Pelor is working wonders with the man) was able to calm and heal the guard. We carried him back to a bed, where he told us that Otto had stabbed him for absolutely no reason. I'm not one to distrust, but the child hadn't seemed the type to attack unprovoked. I've yet to discuss this situation with Otto, or the rest of the group.

Having healed the guard, he began to threaten Otto, and the keep. Knowing that he had been terribly wounded, I'm sure he didn't mean it, so I offered him a few gold, as well as a suite of leather armor (unadorned) and a sword from the stash we'd previously uncovered. He took his leave of the inn, and made his way back to Restenford. I pray he's arrived to his family safely.

Tomorrow, we must get an understanding of what's happened. I truly hope that Otto had no part in this, or that a terrible misunderstanding had taken place. I take no pleasure in disciplining a child.

Penny the waitress is presumed to have left on the ship she took passage on, with a letter of recommendation to Chesty.

To be continued…


For reference: 200 cp = 20 sp = 2 ep = 1 gp = 1/5 pp -300gp for identify from party fund 201gp from mysterious unwritten source Mysterious potion vial Fancy set of faux plate with highport arms (magical, but protects like normal plate) Sturdy plate +2 (with rank markings) 13 gemstones (small chest; 1026gp value) 140 gp in mixed coin (medium chest) 900 cp (large chest, 5gp value) crates of silk: 450gp casks of rum: 200gp cat figurine on chest (magical, not sold; can be set to guard chest when a command word is used) Cap of Healing (magical, not sold; enhances healing magic) 50 daggers, cheap (10gp value, not sold?) 20 leather badges with highport symbol (meant to be sewn to armor or cloth; not sold) 10 sets of studded leather, short bow, short sword (not sold) Treasure: 2022gp (gp each) Current Party Funds: 8582gp


Base xp for showing up (total): 500xp
No significant combat this session, so I will award an extra 500xp for roleplay
Because most of the loot was earned in the fight last session, I will include those present for shares in loot experience. (That means Leah, Barron, and Amathar).
Treasure XP: 2022xp
Total: 3022xp (202xp each for treasure, those present +200xp on top of that)

Roleplaying moments and quotables

Otto: "You were sleeping on guard duty!" Guard: "So?" Otto: stabs guard in the gut with a sword "Never sleep on guard duty!" Guard: "If I live, I quit!"

Dangling Threads of Fate

Who was the strangely well-dressed gardener Gunnar spent time over roots and vegetables with? That would be the Baroness of Restenford.
Something is up with the Baroness. She was nervous when asked about disappearing babies. Probably not anything with the wererats, but something is up.
No one has checked recently to see if the Princess is still in her castle
Malag no longer craves brains
Warin owes the church a lot of money for his restoration spell
How to invest your ill-gotten gains...