The City of Rookroost

Rookroost is one of the bandit kingdoms, a city-state in barely civilized territory that exists in a state of low-level perpetual warfare with most of its neighbors and even its own residents. Half-Orcs are common and make up most of the city guard. Half-elves are common in the outlying towns and forests, but full elves are rare.


Officially, the city follows General Perneti, who is in charge of the city guard. Unofficially, those not being paid directly pretty much make up their own rules and break them on a whim. There are moments of unity when an external threat unites everyone, and the guard are mostly loyal to the general, but subject to bribery and intimidation in things that seem unimportant. Rookroost City Guard

General Perneti is officially the head of the guard
The party has dealt with Guard Captain Malcolm of the Inner Ring several times
Each ring of the city has it's own captain: The Inner Ring, the Outer Ring, and the Middle Ring

The Inner Ring

The Sage’s Tower

In the Inner Ring is a small sage’s tower, presently a burned-out, mostly hollow stone structure.

The Guard’s Barracks

The party has spent a (partial) night with the guard in their barracks. It was very loosely disciplined for a military structure, but more organized than most civilian households. The Flaming Iron Skillet

A high-class restaurant (for the Bandit Kingdoms, anyway) that offers prepared food for delivery as well as a fine dining experience. This restaurant held a contract for delivering food to the Sage’s Tower before the Sage’s untimely demise.

The Middle Ring

Merchants, marketplaces, and the (mostly) washed masses. The party has dealt with Aurelius, who bought the cargo off the Sea Ghost, and his guard leader Michelin, who transported the goods to his warehouses.

The Outer Ring

Speaking generally, the outer rings are the slums, ghettos, criminal underclass, unwashed masses, and general undesirables.

The Pearly Gates

An inn in the outer ring, with outdoor tables that have a view of the southern gates (leading to Saltmarsh).

Public works projects

Recently, someone has been making visible efforts to improve the conditions in the outer ring. There are no plague victims dying in the streets, though reports are that the treatment is “expensive” and must be taken on a regular basis to remain effective. Work crews appear to be installing sewers and cleaning up refuse and debris from the streets.

Surrounding Towns

The initial set of characters began their adventures in Dunwitch. New characters will be inserted where they can conveniently meet up with the party, though their history may have ties to Dunwitch or Rookroost to offer an easy excuse for trusting the party, and vice versa.