Michael (Human Cleric played by Larry)

Michael is a mid level cleric and he’s fine with that. He’s older than some others and a wiser too. He’s also fairly charismatic, not enough to found his own cult, at least not yet, but enough to influence those he is close to and keep the attention of small crowds with short folksy homilies. His holy symbol is shaped like his favorite weapons, hammers. His faith is in the effort of a blacksmith to mold the lives of men, knowing that it is not easy and that blows shape the medal best in crisis, in fire, during times of change and upheaval. So he is out in the world looking for companions and crisis, so that he may mold them as and when he can, mold them into better versions of themselves.

Michael knows healing arts (though his patients have mixed opinions), reserving his magic for his second purpose, to preserve his friends from evil until they can be molded as his god desires, and to that purpose his few granted spells involve detection and protection from evil. Je also knows the voice, or command, but is only capable of simple one-word commands. So far in his travels he has supported himself with fishing, and the occasional protection spell. He is affable and easily likable, so he has been hanging out with Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, often doing their talking for them or helping them get into places they couldn’t otherwise. He also tends to get more information from people as they trust a cleric and especially his sort of cleric.

As his traveling companions now include a wizard who enchants his companions without provocation, a reincarnated being with a divine calling that denies his diety, and a thief who delights in his pet zombie falcon, it’s unclear who is influencing whom exactly.