Malag (A half-orc fighter played by Chris)

Abandoned as a child, Malag was raised on the streets of Rookroost by local gangs. First unarmed, and then with the sword, Malag rose to be a top enforcer for a group of petty criminals. When the gang was found after pulling a job, Malag escaped alone into the night.

With his cruel nature, and quick fists, he learned quickly that a lot of coin can be made as a bounty hunter. While exploring an abandoned temple near Restenford, Malag was killed by a horde of ghouls. When the Adventure Capitalist’s Guild resurrected him, they unknowingly left a curse, condemning Malag to live a pseudo-life of undeath, craving living (or dead) brains. After learning of their error, the Adventure Capitalist’s Guild were able to successfully remove the curse, which included weeks of isolation.

Upon finally being freed, Malag made his way to Highport, where he was recruited to join a crew in pursuit of quick gold. A plan to defraud the Duke of Highport was born, but ill-fated. The perpetrators were found quickly, and imprisoned. For unknown reasons, Malag has been released after only a month. Getting out of the city quickly is in his best interest.