Fydillian (A lupin priest played by Matt)

Fydillian the brave is a lupin of the guardian class of shar-pei. Not much is known about his past, as his first memory is waking up on a beach with a no memory beyond that. Fortunately there was a note left with him explaining his name and race. The note vaguely mentioned a higher purpose and that he would know it when it arrived. The note also left directions to a specific location that was conveniently located nearby. Also mentioned in the note was how good of a boy fydillian was and that he was such a brave boy yes such a brave brave doggo. The location proved to be a church of celestian. Fydillian proved to be a natural at navigation and spent alot of time in the library learning about astronomy and history of this strange place. He also discovered the culinary arts and spent as much time in the kitchen. In his studies he learned of the great meteor brought by celestian and set out on an adventure to wander his way to finding it.