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Senior Software Engineer

Realms of the Old School Renaissance -- Session 83

By Nottanis |  Nov 24, 2022  | osrrealms, gaming
Nottanis Feverborne, Sanfire, and Ygnas casme back from the sewers looking discouraged. Ygnas and Feverborne needed a few days to recover, but Sanfire was ready to go, so we gathered a few others and took a side trip to the Caves of Chaos. We traveled to the far western end of the valley, where a natural cave bore claw marks and scratches from a large beast. Sanfire went inside and found an owlbear – and the owlbear found him.
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Realms of the Old School Renaissance -- Session 82

By Feverborne |  Nov 17, 2022  | osrrealms, gaming
Feverborne With one wererat fleeing from a snoutful of wolfsbane, the rest of us rushed into the room. Alas, we were not quick enough to reach them before we lost the advantage of surprise. Sanfire had told me where to find both of the rats, but I could only see the one choking on herbs. I ran to cut off his escape path, striking a blow with my silver dagger, but the second one fell upon me from behind.
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Realms of the Old School Renaissance -- Session 81

By Feverborne |  Nov 9, 2022  | osrrealms, gaming
Feverborne We retreated to the surface and arranged to spend a few days at the Druid and Whale recuperating. u-Heury wandered off to tell his tribe about his innovations in urban barbarism, and the by some ill fortune his replacement was a halfling named Sanford. I didn’t know him well and it soon becsme obvious that the lazy little shit deserved every bit of my dilligent efforts to avoid him.
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Realms of the Old School Renaissance -- Session 80

By Feverborne |  Nov 3, 2022  | osrrealms, gaming
Feverborne The wererats charged us before we could charge them, trapping us in the staircase. Awkward. u-Heury pulled back furher up the stairs to force them to come to us. I pulled out my (borrowed) longbow and shot over his head, hitting one of the wererats in the gut with a silver arrow. That pissed them off, but recognizing the poor tactical position, they withdrew and called for reinforcements. We charged into the empty room, but failed to catch them.
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Realms of the Old School Renaissance -- Session 79

By Feverborne |  Oct 13, 2022  | osrrealms, gaming
Feverborne Word arrived from Oscar that some of the Glorious Blades had found something interesting in the sewers under Threshold. A small shrine to a nearly forgotten minor goddess of cleansing, lost and surrounded by filth and wererats. The Venus Cloacina, protecting a beautiful sword. The answer to my prayers and my search for meaning. I had never been a healthy child, as my name suggests. but ever since I had taken up the adventuring life, it had gotten worse.
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Realms of the Old School Renaissance -- Session 78

By Oscar |  Oct 6, 2022  | osrrealms, gaming
Oscar Our testing of the valve configurations proved fruitful. We rapidly discovered that turning both valves to the right (east) raised the porticullis leading to the shrine, which is located just south of the valve room, and turning the left valve up and the right valve right raises a dam that allows the shrine to drain. Within the shrine of a statue, along with writing. If a hero you would be and see my foe’s filth, vermin and plague destroyed, grant me a weapon and I will grant you the means to see it through.
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Out of the Abyss -- Session 12

By Alamar |  Oct 2, 2022  | outoftheabyss, gaming
Alamar The guards escorted us out of the city, actually putting us out in front of a group of drow. Drow who happened to be looking for us. Well, me. And Creg, I guess. Of course I had already put them out of mind, and they attacked us immediately after leaving the city. In sight of the guards at the gate, even. We killed them, of course. I killed four myself!
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Realms of the Old School Renaissance -- Session 77

By Oscar |  Sep 29, 2022  | osrrealms, gaming
Oscar Rowen opened the east door, but it was empty this time. At least empty of wererats. It did have some kind of sewage channel, and evidence that filthy creatures had camped there until recently. After a quick search we moved to the south door. This one was also empty of rats, but did have a closet, a staircase leaeding to the surface, and some creepy construction methods that made the moaning noises we had noted previously when the wind blew.
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Realms of the Old School Renaissance -- Session 76

By Oscar |  Sep 22, 2022  | osrrealms, gaming
Oscar I had a plan. It was a good plan. We would hire a group of mercenaries. Two groups, really. All of them would be armed with missile weapons. One group would take the new entrance into the sewers, and set up on the west side of the pool room where a small platform offered space for three or four archers or slingers. The other group would take the canoes to the east side of the pool room, where a larger platform could support up to six.
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Realms of the Old School Renaissance -- Session 75

By Oscar |  Sep 14, 2022  | osrrealms, gaming
Oscar We put together a small group to explore the sewers, looking for the missing children. I engaged two bodyguards, Stria brought herself and her two favorite daggers as usual, and u-Heury recruited the young Thomas, a street urchin and apparently the first member of the Ice Skulls, a new tribe of urban barbarians. I’m looking forward to watching u-Huery explain this to his ancestors or shamans or foster fathers or whoever is theoretically in charge of him.
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