Matthew Hunter

Senior Software Engineer

Realms of the Old School Renaissance -- Session 89

By Feverborne |  Jan 26, 2023  | osrrealms
With purses fattened by wererat gold, we set our plans in motion. Ygnas held a party announcing her vacation to Candletown or some such place, honoring her bargain with the rats but leaving the gold they paid her with us. Rowen did the same with a different destination. Pluck was still detained. Old friend Lyrian and new friend Kiba with her dog Kiki joined us from the Glorious Blades. Rumor has it Kiki used to run a delivery service.
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Out of the Abyss -- Session 16

By Buzz |  Jan 22, 2023  | outoftheabyss, gaming
Buzz Stonebrew It all started over a barrel of dwarven ale. My barrel, that is, which I planned to enter in the guild of brewers’ contest. But the night before the contest, I started drinking early – a bit of a pre-celebration of winning. And then I woke up before daw, head pounding, to discover that my prize-winning barrel of dwarven ale was one of the barrels we tapped the night before.
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Realms of the Old School Renaissance -- Session 88

By Feverborne |  Jan 19, 2023  | osrrealms
Joined by Rowen, Clubeck Pluck, Ygnas, and our three bandits, we descended once more into the sewers. I consulted Oscar’s notes and set the valves to drain the swamp around the base of Cloacina’s shrine. I would say vows before her image, and hope for her blessing to bring with me against the rats. When I swore my vows, she appeared before me in a vision, and told me of Arimaniux’s plans to use the sacrifice of children to rise from a demon prince to true godhood.
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Out of the Abyss -- Session 15

By Alamar |  Jan 8, 2023  | outoftheabyss, gaming
Hey, Peanuthead! What’s that? Hey, pesnuthead! C’mere! It’s like my daddy’s voice when he dreams of torturing the souls I eat for him. Except… No, this way! “Can the rest of you hear that?” Apparently they can. This is new. Also, my demonic daddy never called me peanuthead. We decided to investigate. I sent my second son – or was it third? anyways – ahead to scout and he promptly got lost.
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Realms of the Old School Renaissance -- Session 87

By Feverborne |  Jan 5, 2023  | osrrealms
We explored the sewer systems thoroughly, looking for any changes from the previously unknown configuration, but found nothing changed in the sewer layout. Except, possibly, the cow-eating tentacle monster was gone. We did happen upon two wererats carrying a young man names Giles (clearly destined for a life of vampire hunting) into the sewers. He called out for help, and we arrayed for battle. But our new friend Clubeck cast some sort of spell to knock them out without a real fight.
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Realms of the Old School Renaissance -- Session 86

By Feverborne |  Dec 15, 2022  | osrrealms, gaming
Feverborne We left the poor dead wererat girl down in the sewers. Bringing her up to the surface and trying to collect a reward for a dead girl whose wounds matched our own silver weapons would be awkward at best, and very very awkwardly fatal for us at worst. Once back on the surface we took stock of the situation. My magic sword didn’t work, Ygnas’ god was slacking off on the job, and our halfling had just walked off, admittedly after doing well for such a stout fellow.
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Out of the Abyss -- Session 14

By Alamar |  Dec 11, 2022  | outoftheabyss, gaming
Alamar I didn’t even get the chance to introduce my son around before we were attacked by four more huge spiders. The goblins promptly fled, leaving us to face them alone. Soggy was drugged out of his mind and did nothing useful. Creg was awake but spent more time wrapped up in webs than casting spells. Faolain was barely managing to keep us alive and Prim was the only star of the fight, killing all four of the spiders herself, though I made large contributions by hurting two of them very badly.
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Realms of the Old School Renaissance -- Session 85

By Nottanis |  Dec 8, 2022  | osrrealms, gaming
Nottanis Free! I’m finally free of that damned ooze! (Probably). We continued training through rain and wind at the same slow pace.. the pace of the ooze. After several days of this, during which Sanfire departed, we met up with the somewhat confused bard Brad. Brad was confused about the ooze. The ooze was confused about Brad, but I convinced it not to eat him. Temporarily. Brad dumped a lot of random gear in the forest for some reason.
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Realms of the Old School Renaissance -- Session 84

By Nottanis |  Dec 5, 2022  | osrrealms, gaming
Nottanis We set off towards Threshold, planning to cut through the forest to make better time. Our plan was foiled by the mold, or pudding, or ooze, or slime, or whatever it was. It simply moves slowly. So slowly that it took days to travel a few miles. And every single day was a nervewracking exercise in wondering if the spell had worn off yet, not to mention watching it all night to make sure it didn’t eat Rowen, Sanfire, or Stria.
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Out of the Abyss -- Session 13

By Alamar |  Nov 27, 2022  | outoftheabyss, gaming
Alamar We fought the “puppies”, which turned out to be gnolls. They mentioned Yeegnohu before they died. I ate one of their souls, but still felt unsatisfied. Empty. I was craving… something. Pickles? Ice cream? After a short rest we resumed our journey, and eventually reached a large cavern filled with webs. Two goblins met us at the entrance, Spiderbait and Yum-Yum. Whoever named them had a truly morbid sense of humor, but they didn’t seem to care, merrily using some sort of special grease to surf the webbing around the cave.
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